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Smart Mega Menu by nopStation


  • The plugin requires you to install the Nop-Station Core plugin first.


  • Download the Smart Mega Menu Plugin from our store
  • Go to Administration → Configuration → Local plugins
  • Upload the NopStation.SmartMegaMenu zip file using the "Upload plugin or theme" button

    local plugins page

  • Go to Administration, reload the 'list of plugins'. Install 'Nop-Station Core' Plugin first and then install 'Smart Mega Menu'

    install nop station core

    install smart mega menu

  • To make the plugins functional, restart the application

    restart application

  • Enable the plugin with 'Edit' option and Configure it.

    edit plugin

  • Note: On uninstallation, the default menu will get restored.

How to Configure and Organize the Smart Mega Menu

Configure Smart Mega Menu

  • Go to the Admin → Nop Station → Plugins → Smart Mega Menu You will get an Add new button on the top-right corner. Click on Add new button.


  • An Add new menu form will open.

    add menu

  • Enter a menu name of your choice.
  • Select the store from the Limited to store field if you have a multi-store setup.
  • Select a Widget zone from the Widget zone drop-down menu. The default clean theme supported widgets zones are:
    • Header before
    • Header middle
    • Header after
  • You can also set your theme-specific custom Widget Zone to display the Mega Menu in the desired location of your public store.
  • Select the View type from the View type drop-down menu. Available view types are:
    • Grid View
    • List View
  • In our case, we are selecting the Grid View here
  • Click on Save and Continue button to save the changes

Organize Smart Mega Menu

  • Click on the Properties block, menu options will expand on-click.


  • Under Properties, a total of six types of menu options are available to add as a menu item in the Smart Mega Menu tree:
    • Categories
    • Manufacturers
    • Vendors
    • Topics
    • Product Tags
    • Add Custom
  • Add Categories in the Smart Mega Menu
    • Click on the +icon right next to the Categories menu option
    • This will expand and list down all the categories available in your nopCommerce store

      add category

    • Now, click on Add button on the categories.
    • This will add the categories as navigation item to the right.

      added category as navigation item

    • Notes:
      • You can add as many categories as you want
      • Note that, the default parent-child tree structure of the categories are applied from the existing category tree in category menu
      • You can drag and drop the navigation items at/under any level of navigation item.
      • You can organize the parent-child tree structure of the categories in the way you want.
      • You can add banners to the navigation item
      • In the public store, the banners in the mega menu will be shown in the 2nd layer 3rd layer in the Grid View.
  • Add a Banner to Category/Naviation Item
    • To add a navigation item banner, click on the Edit button.
    • A picture upload menu will open, upload picture and click on the Save button.
    • Under the navigation item edit option, you can also add a ribbon text and ribbon background color.
    • The added ribbon and ribbon background color will be displayed right beside the navigation item in public store menu.

      add banner

  • After adding banners and organising the navigation items, the Categories in Grid View in the public store will look like this:

    public store

  • Adding Manufacturers, Vendors, Topics, Product Tags, Custom Navigation Item
    • Follow the steps mentioned under Add Categories
    • You can add the Manufacturers, Vendors, Topics pages, and even add Custom Navigation Items as menu items.
  • Here is a view of the Smart Mega Menu Manufacturers menu in the public store:

    public store manufacturers

  • And here is a view of the Smart Mega Menu Product Tags in the public store:

    public store product tag

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