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Mobile App Development
With the growth and dominance of mobile platforms and devices, the importance of having a mobile presence cannot be understated. Online businesses and eCommerce platforms must also cater to mobile audiences to extend their business market and target demographics. This is why delivering a great mobile app experience is essential.
nopStation excels at Mobile App development. Our mobile development team has extensive knowledge of building mobile Apps using both native and cross-platform mobile technologies such as Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Ionic, etc. We have developed class-leading, ready-to-use Mobile Apps for both the nopCommerce Public store and Admin panel. Our mobile solutions are scalable and ready for publishing to the Google Play store and Apple App Store in a matter of minutes. Please have a look at our off-the-shelf Mobile App Solutions below.
Mobile Apps Overview
App TypeTechnology StackAPI TypeAPI Comes Bundled?nopCommerce Version SupportProduct LinkDemo
Public Store App


nopStation REST APIYES4.60, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30Flutter App with REST API
Official Web APINO4.50, 4.40Flutter App with Official Web API


nopStation REST APIYES4.50, 4.40, 4.30 4.20Native App with REST API


nopStation REST APIYES4.40, 4.30, 4.20IONIC App with REST API
Admin/Vendor App


nopStation REST APIYES4.50, 4.40Flutter Admin App with REST API
Delivery Management System (nopDMS)


nopStation DMS APIYES4.50Delivery Management System(nopDMS) App
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Mobile Development Services
nopCommerce Public Store Apps
Our mobile Apps offer class-leading performance and modern design along with blazing fast performance for customers. These Apps make your product line shine with their attractive design and layout. These Apps are developed using nopStation’s REST API plugin for nopCommerce public store. We also have public store apps developed using the official nopCommerce web API. These public store Apps offer every core eCommerce feature that a business has. In addition, these Apps come with an assortment of marketing and promotional tools such as push notifications to let you create engaging marketing campaigns and offers for your users.
nopCommerce Admin Apps
Our Admin Apps are designed to let nopCommerce store owners access the nopCommerce Admin panel from within mobile devices. These Apps offer a convenient way to access admin side features and functionalities of your nopCommerce store on your handheld devices. These Apps are developed using nopStation’s Admin REST API plugin for nopCommerce. With their intuitive and utilitarian design, these Apps let you easily manage your business from any iOS or Android mobile device easily. These Admin Apps are a perfect showcase of how our development team can optimize the nopCommerce experience for mobile platforms.
Delivery Management System Mobile Apps
Sometimes a client's business needs and requirements need a robust delivery management solution. Luckily our skilled developers have built a class-leading DMS Mobile App and plugin solution for nopCommerce. This lets you quickly set up and manage delivery and shipping information. Our DMS App makes managing the delivery lifecycle easier and makes shipping more convenient by letting the shipper see the order address on Google maps .
Source Customization Service
nopStation provides additional development and customization options for clients whose business needs require development beyond existing solutions. We offer the option to purchase our apps with source code and our development team provides source code customization services. We have a team of skilled developers who have experience in providing custom mobile solutions for nopCommerce. Our goal is to provide an optimal solution that meets the client's requirements.
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