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Stripe Digital Wallet


  • The plugin requires you to install the Nop-Station Core plugin first.


  • Download the Stripe Digital Wallet Plugin from our store
  • Go to Administration → Configuration → Local plugins
  • Upload the NopStation.Stripe zip file using the "Upload plugin or theme" button.


  • Click on, the 'Reload list of plugins' button. The Stripe Digital Wallet Plugin will appear in the plugin list.
  • Install 'NopStation Core' plugin first and then install 'Stripe Payment' Plugin

    install nopStation core

    install stripe-wallet

  • To make the plugins functional, restart the application.

    restart application

  • Enable the plugin with 'Edit' option and Configure it.

    edit plugin


  • Go to Admin → Nop Station → Plugins → Stripe digital wallet → Configuration


  • Select Transaction mode from the dropdown
  • Secret key: Find the secret key from api keys tap of your stripe account dashboard.
  • Publishable key: Find the publishable key from api keys tap of your stripe account dashboard.
  • Apple verification file exist: Defines Apple verification file exist or not.
  • Click on the Import apple verification file button to upload the verification file.


public view

If the plugin is successfully installed and configured the Stripe Digital Wallet method will show on the checkout page.

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