One Page Checkout Documentation

One Page Checkout Documentation

The Nop-Station One Page Checkout plugin is a one-step checkout plugin. It makes the customer’s checkout journey much simpler and straightforward compared to the default step-by-step checkout process in nopCommerce. The total checkout process completes faster on a single page with only one click.

One Page Checkout plugin provides options to store owners to allow customers completing their checkout on one single page, in a single click. The One Page Checkout is particularly beneficial for the purchase of low-ticket items, during flash sales, for repeat purchases and for mobile shopping experiences.

In case of repeat purchases, the customers who already have saved addresses can place an order without having to input the addresses, as the billing and shipping addresses get auto-filled automatically and the One Page Checkout process reduces the entire purchasing process to one simple action of clicking the Confirm Order button!

Integrating the One Page Checkout plugin in your store would be the best way to boost your sales by simplifying the checkout process for your customers.


  • The plugin requires you to install the Nop-Staion Core plugin first.


  • Download the One Page Checkout plugin from our store
  • Go to Configure>>Local Plugins at the Administration panel
  • Upload the NopStation.OneStepClickPageCheckout zip file using the 'Upload plugin or theme' button
  • Click on, 'Reload list of plugins' button. The One One Page Checkout plugin will appear in the plugin list.
  • Install 'Nop-Station Core' Plugin first. Then install 'One Page Checkout plugin' 
  • To make the plugins functional, restart the application


  • Go to Admin ≫ Nop Station ≫ Plugins ≫ One Page Checkout ≫ Configuration
  • Go to Admin ≫ NopStation ≫ Plugins ≫ One Page Checkout ≫ Configuration
  • Enable one csp checkout: Check the checkbox to enable One page checkout page.
  • Show discount box: Check the checkbox to display Apply Discount form on the checkout page.
  • Show gift card box: Check the checkbox to display Apply Gift Card form on the checkout page.
  • Show estimate shipping: Check the checkbox to display Estimate Shipping on the checkout page.
  • Disable shopping cart: Check the checkbox to disable the shopping cart to speed up the checkout.
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