Afilnet SMS Integration Plugin

Afilnet SMS Integration Plugin


  • Quick installation and setup
  • This plugin helps you add robust messaging capabilities to your applications
  • Customized message template
  • Have the ability to restrict specific customer roles and specific stores from using this service
  • Send SMS using template and option for enabling or disabling the templates
  • Log can be enabled to check the afilnet response
  • Sent sms can be check with status and message


  • The plugin requires you to install the Nop-Staion Core plugin first.


  • Download the Afilnet SMS Plugin from our store
  • Upload the NopStation.Afilnet zip file using the "Upload plugin or theme" button
  • Go to Administration, reload the 'list of plugins'. Install 'Nop-Station Core' Plugin first and then install 'Nop-Station Twillo SMS'

  • To make the plugins functional, restart the application.
  • Enable the plugin with 'Edit' option and Configure it.


  • Go to Admin ≫ NopStation ≫ Plugin ≫ AfilnetSms ≫ Configure

  • The Username and Password can be found on your Account Dashboard


  • Go to Admin ≫ NopStation ≫ Plugin ≫ AfilnetSms ≫ SMS templates

  • There are 19 sms templates which you can use. You can modify the templates based on your requirements

  • You can also set this to limited customer roles and limited stores


  • Go to Admin ≫ NopStation ≫ Plugin ≫ AfilnetSms ≫ Queued SMS
  • Here you can see the messages queue that have already been sent to the customer

  • You will get the details of the sent sms in the View page

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