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Bulk SMS Plugin


  • The plugin requires you to install the Nop-Station Core plugin first.
  • Also, you need a subscription to BulkSMS SMS API


  • Download the BulkSMS Plugin from our store
  • Go to Administration → Configuration → Local plugins
  • Upload the zip file using the "Upload plugin or theme" button


  • Go to Administration, reload the 'list of plugins'. Install 'Nop-Station Core' Plugin first and then install 'Nop-Station' plugin.

    install nopStation core

    install bulksms

  • To make the plugins functional, restart the application.

    restart application


  • Sign up to BulkSMS Account and Username and Password from
  • Go to Admin → NopStation → Plugins → BulkSMSSms → Configuration


  • Check the Enable Plugin checkbox to enable the SMS Plugin
  • Enter the Username and Password info into the username and password fields and keep it separate from all the rest
  • Check phone number reg-ex to validate phone number using regular expression
  • Check intl. dial code to validate phone number using country code
  • Remove first N' digits when local number to remove any start digit from local phone number


  • The plugin provides a total of 19 SMS templates which you can use.
  • Go to Admin → NopStation → Plugin → BulkSMSSms → SMS templates to view all the available templates.


  • You can enable/disable or modify the templates based on your requirements


  • You can also set this to limited customer roles and limited stores


  • Go to Admin → NopStation → Plugin → BulkSMS → Queued SMS
  • Here you can see the messages queue that have already been sent to the customer


  • You will get the details of the Sent SMS by clicking on the View button in Queued SMS page

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