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At nopStation, we develop class-leading Themes, Plugins and Mobile Apps that fulfill the day to day business requirements of the nopCommerce store owners

Many of Our free plugins is free. Anyone who is using nopCommerce can get our free plugins and themes for their online store.

Our paid plugins are pieces of software that act as an add-on to a nopCommerce store and provide the store with additional functionalities. We do also build custom nopCommerce plugins for our clients as per their requirements that will enhance their store functionality. Enjoy our nopCommerce products and feel free to share your thought in the comment section!

License and Activation:

  1. Download(s) of your ordered items are available on your order details page.
  2. Once you download, you will get the builds of the supported nopCommerce versions for the plugin inside the Zipped folder.
  3. You can install the plugin by uploading the version-specific zipped file.
  4. If you need help with installation, you can check the product-specific documentation page from the product details page.
  5. Once installed, you will need a license key to configure and activate the plugin.
  6. The license key for your given website URL(s) is added to your order, you will find the license key on your order details page.
  7. Also, a license string for localhost is available inside the plugin folder, in case you need to check it locally.
  8. You can also request a license key for your Staging URL too, please create a ticket.
  9. You can create a ticket by logging in to our site and going to My Account>My Tickets>Create New Ticket.
  10. Please use the Copy button to copy the license strings.

For any query or support, please contact us through our live chat. We are available to answer your queries from UTC 6:00 to UTC 14:00 every day.

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