Cloud Services

Managed Cloud

With AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Manage your cloud with our experienced professionals. We monitor all your cloud issues and threats in your public cloud offering reliable cloud services with a combination of flexibility, scalability and validation.


With AWS, Azure, Google Cloud We offer managed and empowered Cloud services as a featured and scalable solution for data and application hosting that meets any regulatory or due diligence requirement for your business growth.

Managed Enterprise Cloud

On AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Our Cloud-based enterprise oriented solutions for business helps you get work done remotely from anywhere on any device. We lead in providing native applications.

Billing System

For AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Our managed billing gives you a simplified view into your cloud costs and removes the complexity of analyzing, budgeting, tracking, forecasting and invoicing public cloud costs.

Pro Services


To AWS, Azure, Google Cloud As a certified AWS Standard Partner, Brain Station 23 guarantee 0% data loss while cloud migration. Also we have been successfully providing cloud migration with Azure since 2011. Recently have started with Google Cloud as well. We make easier and faster migration of thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud as per customer requirement.


By AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Our experienced team of AWS, Azure & Google Cloud DBAs are the core organizational competency. Leave your cloud database administration, monitoring, managing on our reliable AWS, Azure & Google DBA experts.

Cloud Security

With AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Keep your businesses running smooth and secure relying on our expert consultancy, transformation, migration and monitoring services.


With AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Our DevOps teams focus on development and precision in the flexibility of Cloud to deliver a high velocity in service standard. We follow on-the-go pricing strategy.



Microsoft Silver Partner


Standard Partner Amazon Web Services