Picture Zoom Documentation

Product picture zoom allows you to zoom in and out of pictures to see the products. With the Picture Zoom plugin, your customer can zoom in or out of the picture of a product. It's very easy to install and really helpful for your eCommerce. It will give a smoother experience for your users and satisfaction at users end.

Integrating the Picture Zoom plugin in your store would be the best way to enable a smooth picture view in the product details page.


  • It supports Enable/disable picture zoom
  • Zoom width and height is configurable from the admin site
  • Ltl and Rtl positions can be changed from the admin site
  • It supports Enable/disable tint option.
  • Lens opacity is customizable
  • It supports Enable/disable soft focus option
  • Smooth move option is configurable from the admin site
  • It supports the show/hide the title option
  • You can change the image size from the admin site
  • Views and styles are open for modification from the admin


  • The plugin requires you to install the Nop-Staion Core plugin first.


  • Download the Picture Zoom Plugin from our store https://nop-station.com/customer/downloadableproducts
  • Upload the NopStation.PictureZoom zip file using the "Upload plugin or theme" button
  • Go to Administration, reload the 'list of plugins'. Install 'Nop-Station Core' Plugin first and then install 'Nop-Station Picture Zoom'
  • To make the plugins functional, restart the application
  • Enable the plugin with 'Edit' option and Configure it


  • Go to Admin ≫ NopStation ≫ Plugin ≫ Picture Zoom ≫ Configure
  • Zoom width refers to the width of the zoom in picture
  • Zoom height refers to the height of the zoom in picture
  • Ltr is the position where the picture shows in the left to right language
  • Rtl is the position where the picture shows in the right to left language
  • Lens opacity indicates how much the picture is visible
  • You can show/hide the title using the show title option. Moreover you can set the title opacity
  • You can adjust the X and Y coordinate
  • Image size can be configurable from image and full image size