Anywhere Slider Documentation


The Anywhere Slider plugin is used for adding slider images in nop commerce to display your business at a glance .Your client can relate instantly whenever you play slide image one by one . With the plugin you can speed up your business.


     In the section you can configure your plugin.

    → Enable Slider: Click to enable slider to start plugin.



     In the section you can show your list of active and inactive slider     

     → In the top you can search slider by three fields Active, Widget zones and Store.


Create/Edit slider:

To create a new slider, go to Slider list page (Dashboard » Nop Station » Plugins » Anywhere slider » List) and then click Add new button. To edit an existing slider, click on Edit butoon from slider list table. 


      1. Name: The slider name.

      2. Widget zone: From the list of Widget Zones you can select the locations in which you want your slider to appear in your public store. If you want to add the slider to widget zones click the drop-down select your desired widget zone.

      3. Background picture: If you want to play slider without a homepage_top area, you can put a background image.

      4. Limited to stores: Option to limit this slider to a certain store, if you have multiple stores choose one or several from the list if you don’t use this option just leave this field empty.

      5. Display order: Display order is the order list of the slider, like 1 value represents the top of the slider.

      6. Active: Determines whether this slider will be active. 



      1. NAV: By checking this property, it will display next/previous button on slider. If you want to hide these buttons, uncheck it.

      2. Autoplay: By checking this property, it enables auto play.



      3. Lazy load: Check to image lazy load for slider items.

      4. Margin: Give the margin value in pixel. It will be reflected on slider design.

      5. Loop: Check this property, if you want to continue autoplay.

      6. Animate out: Select an animation option from the animation dropdown list for CSS3 animation out.

      7. Animate in: Select an animation option from the dropdown list for CSS3 animation in.


  Slider items: (Edit view)

      1. Picture: From here you can choose a picture from your device and upload it.

      2. Mobile picture: The picture which will be displayed for mobile device.

      3. Alt: The image alt attribute (alternate text).

      4. Title: Title of your image. This will be displayed on slider the slider image. Keep this field emplty if you don't want to display.

      5. Short Description: Short description about image. This will be displayed on slider the slider image. Keep this field empty if you don't want to display.

      6. Link: The URL for this image. By clicking on slider image, it will be redirected to this URL.

      7. Display order: The display order of the image. 1 represents the first slider image.