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nopStation's Dynamic Survey plugin lets nopCommerce-powered store owners create and manage online surveys on their online storefront. This survey and analytics plugin lets you create, manage and schedule powerful surveys to target your customer base. Surveys can help online businesses and store owners get key insights and customer data while boosting store engagement as well.
Having the option to create and deploy surveys on your storefront can be a major logistical advantage for online store owners. Surveys can also help businesses get key insights from their customers that can help them identify areas of growth and improvement to better optimize their business operations.
Dynamic Survey plugin for nopCommerce
If you want to enable survey functionality on your nopCommerce-powered online store, then nopStation is here with its Dynamic Survey plugin for nopCommerce. This online survey plugin lets you create online surveys and show them on your online store in specific widget zones. It lets you create custom attributes for survey questions as well as control granular settings such as minimum response period and picture size for added customizability. It also lets you email surveys to your customers as well for added engagement. This plugin adds additional functionality such as SEO tools for making surveys SEO-friendly and scheduling for optimized engagement. With the help of this plugin, you can create and deploy engaging surveys and get insights on your online store and increase your customer engagement metrics.


  • Survey creation and management
  • Display surveys on specific widget zones on the public store
  • Set minimum interval for multiple submissions
  • Customize the size of the survey form’s image options
  • Create survey attributes with predefined values
  • Set survey descriptions through a rich editor with HTML support
  • Send surveys through emails
  • Add SEO optimization with SEO-friendly titles and meta-attributes
  • Set and configure the survey schedule
  • See customer responses from the admin panel
  • Multi-store supported
  • Quick installation and configuration
Add powerful surveys to your online storefront by using nopStation’s Dynamic Survey plugin for nopCommerce.Don't forget to check out one of our other class-leading UX enhancement plugins, Ultimate FAQ

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