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nopStation's Facebook shop plugin is developed to make the process of setting up and configuring a Facebook shop with your nopCommerce online store easier. This nopCommerce plugin works by uploading a feed for your products from your nopCommerce-powered online store to a linked Facebook shop. After a simple nopCommerce plugin download and installation, store owners can set up a Facebook shop and let Facebook users easily browse the Facebook shop and share or like products while browsing or searching your nopCommerce store’s product catalog directly from the Facebook Shop.
With the rise of shopping through social media, online stores must cater to customers on social media. Facebook in particular has become an important promotional as well as shopping platform for millions of users. Having Facebook store support and extension is crucial for online stores hoping to boost their presence on social media.
Facebook shop integration plugin for nopCommerce
If you want to easily integrate Facebook Shop support with your nopCommerce-based online store, then nopStation is here with its Facebook Shop plugin for nopCommerce. It lets you easily set up Facebook Shop functionality with your storefront. With this plugin, you can easily sync your nopCommerce stores product catalog with Facebook Shop, control which products are synced, Bulk upload products with CSV data feeds. This plugin has additional features such as feed generation, applying discount rules to products, adding button-based redirection to your storefront for a more seamless experience. With robust Facebook Shop integration, you can easily boost your store's reach to customers on Facebook and ensure a rich shopping experience.


  • Synchronize and promote your nopCommerce powered store's products on Facebook Shop
  • Select which products to synchronize on the Facebook shop catalog
  • Option to set up Product Category as per Google Product taxonomy
  • Set the manufacturer name from the product edit page
  • Bulk product upload via CSV data feed
  • Schedule feed generation
  • Each product in the Facebook shop has a View on Website button
  • Each product is clickable & redirectable to the main website for showing details
  • Display product prices with discount rules applied
Add Facebook Shop integration to your online store with nopStation’s Facebook Shop plugin. Don’t forget to check out one of nopStation's other Facebook Integration plugins, Facebook Messenger plugin

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