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nopStation's Customer Credit Wallet Plugin is a credit allocation feature plugin in a nopCommerce-based online stores that allows store owners to allocate credit amounts to customers against online or offline payment to the store by the customer. After a simple nopCommerce plugin download and installation, customers can allocate credit for customers so that they can purchase products from the store, and allow for overspending facility if allowed. The store admin can view and manage the credit limit, check currently available credit balance, logs of credit purchase and expenditures etc. from the admin panel.
A crediting system is an essential convenience for customers on the online stores and e-commerce platforms. A credit wallet or crediting system lets customers complete a purchase immediately and pay the credit bill later. This can give customers more flexibility to overspend and help increase impulse purchases on your online store, which can help gain more sales.
Customer Credit Wallet Plugin
If you want to enable credit wallet functionality on your nopCommerce-powered online business, then nopStation is here with its Credit Wallet plugin for nopCommerce. This credit system plugin for nopCommerce provides your business with the ultimate solution for implementing store credit. With this plugin, you can efficiently allocate store credit against your customer's account. Your store admin can easily keep track of everything like setting the credit limit, seeing balance, checking credit purchase logs, etc. It can also show the customer a warning message when they are out of balance while purchasing as a reminder to add more credit. This plugin can also be used to allocate store credit for refund purposes against payment made to the store, allowing customer to purchase alternative products later. By using this customer credit wallet plugin for nopCommerce, customers can easily make purchases and even overspend while having a seamless shopping experience.


  • Allows the customers to pay through credit wallet balance.
  • Customers can purchase the credit balance by invoice payment.
  • Customers can put order references number when placing an order for credit balance payment.
  • Store admin can allocate credit amounts and can allow overspending.
  • Store admin can adjust the credit limit balance against invoice payment.
  • Store admin can track credit transactions.
  • Store admin can set a minimum credit required’ warning message to show during the checkout.
  • Customers can view the credit limit, available credit balance and expenditure amount.
  • Multicurrency supported.
  • Multi-Store and Multi-Vendors supported.
  • Responsive design supports most of the themes.
  • Enable/disable widget zone to display credit details, invoice payment and credit history menus under customer account in admin and public store.
  • Quick installation and setup.
Ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction in your store with the help of nopStation's Credit Wallet Plugin. Have look at one of nopStation's other class-leading plugins, One Page Checkout as well.

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