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nopStation’s One Page Checkout plugin is developed to let store owners simplify the checkout process for customers. This plugin for checkout for plugin nopCommerce lets store owners add all essential orders, shipping and checkout information on a single page instead of going through multiple pages. With a quick nopCommerce plugin download and installation, you can streamline the checkout experience for customers and let them complete purchases faster with just a single click.
A fast and intuitive ordering process is vital for any online store or business. A streamlined and adaptive order completion process lets customers complete their checkout journey faster and make future purchases more convenient.
One Page Checkout Plugin for nopCommerce
That’s where nopStation’s One Page Checkout Plugin comes in! The One Page Checkout Plugin for nopCommerce allows online store owners to let customers complete their checkout in just one click. This plugin makes things like buying through flash sales or buying in-demand items much more accessible. It also simplifies repeat purchases and improves the mobile shopping experience. With this plugin, repeat purchases can be completed efficiently as the customer’s info gets auto-filled automatically, making the purchase process much faster by just pressing the confirm order button. This single page checkout plugin for nopCommerce simplifies the entire checkout process and makes it convenient for all your customers.

Features :

  • Provides a Buy Now button to directly land to checkout page
  • Reduces the standard 6 step check-out process to just one single page.
  • Allows customers to increase/decrease the number of items on the checkout page.
  • Allows customers to select the billing and shipping addresses from the address book.
  • Allows adding different billing and shipping addresses.
  • Store admin can enable/disable checkout attributes, such as gift wrapping.
  • Store admin can enable/disable shopping cart for the faster checkout experience.
  • One Page Checkout can be enabled/disabled from the plugin configuration.
  • Multi-store supported.
  • Easy to install and configure.

Category Page:

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Details Page:

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Checkout Page:

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Boost your sales and ensure the best customer experience with nopStation’s One Page Checkout Plugin. Don’t forget to check out one of nopStation’s other excellent plugins, Customer Credit Wallet.

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