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nopStation's Progressive Web App with push notification plugin is developed to help store owners turn their online stores built using nopCommerce into Progressive Web Apps. Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are websites with app like functionalities such as push notifications that work on any device with a supported browser. This plugin lets a nopCommerce store owner turn their website into a cross platform PWA and reduce development costs while increasing store accessibility.
Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are websites built with web technologies with app-like features such as push notifications being installable. PWAs offer incredible flexibility, as they are cross-platform, just needing a browser to run. They provide a compelling solution for web and desktop platforms like macOS, Windows, and mobile platforms like Android and iOS with one single application.
Progressive Web App with Push Notifications Plugin
If you want to turn your nopCommerce-powered online store into a PWA, then nopStation is here with its Progressive Web App with Push notification plugin. This nopCommerce plugin lets you turn your online store into a PWA with full push notification functionality, without any additional development or hidden dependencies. With this plugin, you can make your website into a cross-platform PWA, which allows you to reach your customers on the web and desktop as well as mobile platforms like iOS and Android, while offering push notifications and a rich user experience. This lets your online businesses reduce development time and costs while targeting customers across different platforms.

Notifications Supported:

  • Order Placed Customer Notification.
  • Order Placed Admin Notification.
  • Order Placed Vendor Notification.
  • Order Paid Customer Notification.
  • Super simple online onboarding.
  • Order Paid Admin Notification.
  • Order Paid Vendor Notification.
  • Order Refunded Customer Notification.
  • Order Refunded Admin Notification.
  • Your order is completed.
  • Your order is cancelled.
  • Shipment Delivered Customer Notification.
  • Shipment Sent Customer Notification.
  • Email validation.
  • Welcome Message.
  • New Post Notification.
  • New Topic Notification.
  • New customer registration Notification.
  • Private message Customer Notification.
  • Live Announcements.
Make your nopCommerce cross-platform with nopStation’s Progressive Web App with Push notification plugin. Don’t forget to check out one of nopStation's other class-leading nopCommerce plugins, nopChat as well.

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