This plugin is used for push notification. Customer, Admin and Vendor will get notification when customer press order or any function work. This plugin supports the home page save option when a customer browse your website and also mobile.
Progressive Web App with Push Notification (PWA)


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Notification Supports by this plugin

  1. Order Placed Customer Notification.
  2. Order Placed Admin Notification.
  3. Order Placed Vendor Notification.
  4. Order Paid Customer Notification.
  5. Order Paid Admin Notification.
  6. Order Paid Vendor Notification.
  7. Order Refunded Customer Notification.
  8. Order Refunded Admin Notification.
  9. Your order is completed.
  10. Your order is cancelled.
  11. Shipment Delivered Customer Notification.
  12. Shipment Sent Customer Notification.
  13. Email validation.
  14. Welcome Message.
  15. New Post Notification.
  16. New Topic Notification.
  17. New customer registration Notification.
  18. Private message Customer Notification.
  19. Live Announcements.

This plugging is easy to install in your system. This plugging is so much helpful for your system and also the customer. Admin, Customer, Vendor get push notification instant.

How To Set Up :


  1. Download and upload Progressive Web App Plugin build zip file from admin panel.
  2. Install 'NopStation Core' first and then 'Nop-Station Progressive Web App Plugin' Plugin.


  1. Go to progressive web app configuration page.
  2. Fill up Vapid, Notification and Manifest details. 
  3. Save configuration.
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