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The Documentation plugin from nopStation is developed for letting you easily manage and organize the documentation or knowledge-base of your nopCommerce-based online store. This lets you enable a simple and convenient way to write documents or knowledgebases of your products and services and provide product user guides on your website for customers after a simple nopCommerce plugin download.
Creating and organizing documentation for products and services is essential for any online business. Documentation can provide in-depth information about products, create installation guides, walkthroughs and keep a knowledgebase for developers or customers.
Documentation plugin for nopCommerce
If your online store or business needs documentation creation and management functionality, then nopStation is here with its Documentation plugin for nopCommerce. This nopCommerce documentation plugin is developed to simplify documentation creation, publishing, and management on nopCommerce-powered online stores. It provides features such as adding articles, adding category descriptions with text or images, adding sub-categories, and rich editing for articles, including image support and linking and comments functionality and management. This plugin lets you easily create and manage all sorts of documents to create a knowledgebase to inform your customer base and developers with engaging content to enhance your site's usability.


  • Add categories to publish articles in specific subjects/products
  • Add category descriptions with text/images
  • Add subcategories in the Parent category to show more specific information hierarchy
  • Add articles for providing specific topic documentation of products/subjects
  • Add text/images with formatting in article body
  • Supports mapping an article in multiple categories to show it in different product categories
  • Comments functionality against articles to let user provide feedback
  • Approve/Remove user comments
Add documentation creation and management to your nopCommerce-based online store with nopStation's Documentation plugin. Don't forget to check out one of nopStation's other content management plugins, Flipbook(Magazine) plugin

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