Flipbook is a digital magazine for your site. You can show a list of products or scanned pictures of your website magazine. It is a digital way to provide the reader with in-depth and concise information, in a portable and readable format about your products. From this flipbook, customers can buy the product directly. This plugin can be used for campaigning, showcasing trendy products and letting customers get more in-depth information about the products.
FlipBook (Magazine)


Easy configurable with your eCommerce side. In admin side there will be a book reader option in your plugin section after the install the plugin. In that part there is Add New Picture option and Add New Product from that we can add new pictures and products.

Feature of Plugin

  • Display multiple products in the same page in flip book.
  • Display any picture like a page in flip book.
  • In the flip book you can share the price of products.
  • After click on product it's take to your eCommerce side for product details.
  • In flip book there is Add To Cart option like your eCommerce side.
  • In flip book there is Add To compare list option like your eCommerce side.
  • In flip book there is Add to wish list options too like your eCommerce side. 
  • Traditional magazine look by digital version.
  • Product box options.
  • You can give advertisement for your vendors in you flip book.


  • The default flipbook css is based on the DefaultClean theme
  • Can be customizable the css for any theme.
  • Customize it in the css file from ~/Plugins/NopStation.Flipbooks/Contents/styles/magazine.css
More Products Coming soon