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nopStation's Power BI Plugin for nopCommerce is developed to enable Power BI support for nopCommerce based online stores. This reports and analytics plugin for nopCommerce lets you utilize power BI features and analytics tools on your nopCommerce store data to generate reports and insights easily. You can easily add Power BI analytics to your business with just a simple nopCommerce plugin download and installation.
Power BI is a popular analytics and data visualization tool from Microsoft. Supporting PowerBI is a crucial feature for many of the online stores powered by nopCommerce. Businesses of various sizes depending on PowerBI’s analytics for data analysis, report generation, and visualization.
Power BI Plugin For nopCommerce
If you want a Power BI plugin for nopCommerce integration on your online store built with nopCommerce, then nopStation is here with its PowerBI with nopCommerce plugin. This power BI plugin for nopCommerce lets you use your store data with PowerBI for its analytics services. This plugin enables previous data import and auto data sync with Reports Database. This plugin has additional functionality such as PowerBI report data set to publish and dynamic connection details update. With this plugin, you can easily use PowerBI services with your store’s data in just a few clicks and take advantage of PowerBI’s reports and analytics.


  • Separate Report Database (Selectable).
  • Previous Data Import to Report Database.
  • Auto Sync Data with Report Database.
  • Power BI Report Dataset Publish.
  • Dynamic Power BI Connection Details Update.
  • Easy configuration

Report Specifications:

  • Sales Summary.
  • Sales by City.
  • Quantity and Sales by Day.
  • Sales by Category and Product.
  • Sales by Product.
  • Sales by Vendor.
  • Sales by Month.
  • Quantity and Sales by Week of Year.
  • Sales, Sales LY and Max of Product ID by Product Name.
  • Easy customization
Add Power BI support to your store with nopStation’s Power BI for nopCommerce plugin. Have a look at nopStation’s other Sales and Analytics plugins as well.

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