Algolia Search Integration

Algolia Search Integration


Short description Search and advanced filter with algolia search engine.


Author nopStation
Suitable for Mostly suitable Default Clean
Supported versions nopCommerce 4.0
Supported browsers It will support all the browsers.
With source code No



1. Download Extension and extract file.

2. Copy 'Widgets.AlgoliaSearch' folder and paste to '~/Plugins/' folder.

3. Reload the 'list of plugins' in Admin panel and Install 'AlgoliaSearch' Plugin

4. Activate the plugin with 'Edit' option

5. After Installing plugin, admin panel autometicly added a sub-menu named Algolia Search, inside Nop Station menu.


Step 1: Create Algolia account

Go to to create algolia account. It has 14 days trial period. After that you can continue with community plan without any cost.


Step 2: Set up Plugin with Algolia Credential

Go to Algolia dashboard, click on API Keys tab. 

Here you will find Algolia credentials, copy them and paste on Algolia plugin configuration page on your site. ({yoursite}/Admin/AlgoliaAdmin/Configure).


Step 3: Upload Products to Algolia

Go to product upload page in Algolia plugin ({yoursite}/Admin/AlgoliaAdmin/UploadProducts). Put product id range which you want to upload to Algolia.


Step 4: Configure Firebase (Not mandatory)

To see your product upload status like below image, you have to configure with firebase.  It is not mandatory, but to see the live upload status only.


To configure with firebase, go to  and click Add Project,


Follow the next processes to create a project. After successful creation, you go to project overview page. Click on web icon.


After clicking, a popup will be appeared. From that copy credentials and paste them in plugin configuration page.

Create real time database from Database tab, copy credentials and paste them in plugin configuration page.


Note: Please follow YouTube tutorial for clear understanding about Google Firebase.

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