nopStation Year-end Throwback 2022

nopStation throwback 2022

The year 2022 has been a year of change and transition for the world. The road to normalcy from a 2-year pandemic, growing speculation of a global recession, and inflation in the Bangladeshi economy have loomed heavily on all of us. Still, in spite of these challenges, the year 2022 has been quite a memorable for our team at nopStation, due to the collective efforts of our amazing team members. With the year coming to an end let's take a step back and observe some of the notable achievements of the team at nopStation through the year 2022.


nopStation’s Journey of Website Migration and Renovation

nopStation's website migration

With the release of nopCommerce version 4.50, which came with an abundance of new features along with security and performance improvements, nopStation felt that it was the right time to upgrade its website from nopCommerce version 4.30 to version 4.50. nopStation also decided to use this migration opportunity to completely renovate its website with a host of new improvements and optimizations.

You can read all about in nopStation’s case study on its website migration and renovation journey published on the nopCommerce platform. Implementing all of these new features and optimizations took significant development plans and efforts. Through the collective efforts of its team along with a concise and optimized development plan, nopStation was able to complete its migration in a matter of minutes and continue serving its customers.

Our new website represents nopStation’s development expertise and brand presence as a nopCommerce solution provider. The incredible new features on our new website provide a seamless customer experience. As all of these features on our website are implemented using our own products for nopCommerce, it acts as a showcase of our products and the power of nopCommerce as a platform.


Retaining Our Rank as the #1 Gold Solution Partner of nopCommerce

No. 1 Gold solution partner

Undoubtedly one of nopStation’s proudest achievements is our rank as the #1 Gold solution partner for nopCommerce . Through 7 years of partnership as a solution partner, nopStation has come a long way in its journey. We have always strived for excellence and provided industry-leading customer support to our clients. We have added contributions towards the nopCommerce platform as well through our development and presence on the platform. Most notably we have published over 168 themes and plugins on the nopCommerce marketplace and added over 163 websites in 7+ years of our partnership. We also bolster over 9,850+ solution partner points, on track to becoming the 1st ever solution partner to break the 10,000 points milestone.

Being the no. 1 Gold solution partner of nopCommerce is a reflection of our team’s hard work and tireless dedication. Being the leading nopCommerce solution provider in an increasingly growing and evolving eCommerce development space is inspiring for us and the nopCommerce community as a whole.


Released Kingdom Megastore theme, nopStation’s Flagship Theme for nopCommerce Stores

Kingdom theme

nopStation's biggest product announcement of the year was the release of its new flagship theme, the Kingdom Megastore theme for nopCommerce. During the development plan for the Kingdom theme, nopStation set the goal of creating a megastore theme that was optimized for showcasing a wide range of products and adaptable to various types of online businesses. The Kingdom theme’s modern design layout and stylish typography help it stand out. This theme also comes with powerful customization options which allow our customers to fine-tune the look and feel of the Kingdom theme to match their brand identity and business needs.

Our team of UI engineers worked to develop a theme that combined modern eCommerce design and functionality while retaining fast performance. The Kingdom theme was built using modern design principles. nopStation added several key features and plugins for the Kingdom theme such as Smart Product Box plugin, One Page Checkout plugin, and Smart Mega Menu plugin that adds class-leading functionality to this theme. Kingdom theme also comes with class-leading performance as well which makes it the ideal choice for any nopCommerce mega store or super store.


Resuming Work From the Office after the COVID-19 pandemic and Moving to Our Brand New Office at Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka

From early 2020 to early 2022, the entire world was consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like millions of businesses around the world, nopStation had to adjust to the pandemic as well. Through our collective efforts. We successfully adopted work-from-home and we continued to serve our customers throughout the pandemic. However, nearly all of our team members were isolated in the home office which not only affected our productivity and teamwork but our mental health as well. In Mid 2022, nopStation along with the entire Brain Station 23 family slowly returned to the in-person office. Having the opportunity to see each other and working together side by side was a triumph for all of us as team members and as an organization.

One of nopStation’s biggest transitions this year was moving a large part of our core team from Brain station 23’s Mohakhali office to the new branch in Mirpur DOHS. While leaving our hold home was quite difficult for us on many personal and professional aspects. We will always cherish our memories of Mohakhali office. Our new home in Mirpur DOHS represents a new beginning for our team with brand new opportunities and benefits. We are all excited to continue our journey and create wonderful new memories in our home in Mirpur.


nopStation’s Black Friday & Christmas sale

nopStation's Holiday offers

To celebrate nopStation’s new website launch and provide our loyal customers with an engaging new campaign, nopStation gave out its biggest sale of the year. On the event of Black Friday and Christmas, we gave out exciting Black Friday discount deals with up to 85% on all of our products including:



These discount offers started on 25th November and will end on 31st December 2022 UTC. We hope our new and long-time customers alike will enjoy this amazing Black Friday & Christmas campaign and take the opportunity to power up their online business.


Expanded Our Global Client Base

nopStation has always aimed to serve clients across various countries and to expand its customer base, this year was no different as nopStation made product sales to customers in over 50+ countries and 5 continents. Alongside new customers, nopStation, continues to serve its existing customers with new development requests and steady support.

Our team is always looking to expand its global footprint and outreach. Till the end of this year, nopStation has served customers in 150+ countries which is a really meaningful milestone for us as an eCommerce development brand. Our team hopes to forge new partnerships and strengthen our existing business relationships.


Released New Case Studies on the nopCommerce Platform about Our nopCommerce Client Journeys

Throughout the years, nopStation has continued to grow its partnerships with clients across the world. Our team has created some truly splendid nopCommerce stores and business solutions to serve our client’s requirements. Among these many journeys, the nopStation team decided to showcase some of our notable client journeys and development stories through nopCommerce case studies. These case studies are a reflection of how nopStation’s team of talented developers create estimations of development challenges and formulate compelling solutions for the clients. Some of nopStation’s new case studies released in 2022 are:



Our case studies are a testament to nopStation’s development expertise on the nopCommerce platform and our ability to build strong customer relationships. We believe in sharing powerful stories that showcase the relationships we have with our customers. Our case studies let us tell these stories and share them with the nopCommerce community to promote the growth and adoption of nopCommerce.


Having a roster of 63+ nopCommerce Certified Developers and 3 nopCommerce MVPs

The team at nopCommerce believes in self-growth and expertise as some of its core values. Our developers are not just focused on workplace productivity and client satisfaction. We believe in developing ourselves as well as skilled resources and human beings.

With that being the case, we are extremely proud to see more of our team members achieve nopCommerce expertise through the nopCommerce developer certification program. Our team now boasts a roster of over 63+ nopCommerce certified developers and 3+ nopCommerce MVPs. Most notably Mr. Rashed Khan Menon became our newest nop MVP due to his valued contributions to the nopCommerce platform and community forums.

We are extremely proud of the achievement of our team members and enthusiastic to see how they will continue their growth as nopCommerce developers.


Added New Faces to Our Team

nopStation continues to grow not only as a brand but as a team as well. Just this year nopStation added 20+ new members to its team. Our team added new software developers, QAs, BAs, and Database Administrators to the team.

Aside from recruiting & acquiring some of the most talented people in the industry, nopStation also believes in developing talent and building toward the future. This year nopStation added 10+ new trainees to its roster. After going through a tough recruiting process, these youngsters joined nopStation and formally started their journey in the industry. We believe they will help us grow stronger as a team and become talented resources.

Our talented new team members have already started to contribute to nopStation and we hope they will help us become a stronger unit as a whole.


nopStation's 10-Year Anniversary Tour to Cox’s Bazar

nopStation's 10 year anniversary tour

nopStation not only believes in the value of hard work, but we also believe in celebrating it. Throughout the year our team experienced many notable achievements as individuals and as a team. But our most precious celebration of the year was our 10-year anniversary celebration of nopStation. To celebrate our anniversary, our team organized a tour to Cox’s Bazar under the leadership of our beloved Project Manager, Mr. Adnan Bin Faiz.

The event's highlight was undoubtedly the incredible Gala dinner organized at the Sea Mount Restaurant. The dinner started off with an inspirational speech by our SBU head Mr. Minul Islam Sohel. His speech told the story of our 10-year journey along with all of the pitfalls and achievements our team had throughout. He expressed how much nopStation has grown thanks to the hard work of all of its members and how we will only grow further in the future. The inspirational speech was followed by a wonderful dinner service at the restaurant. The dinner included fun and games and socializing with all of our team members and their loved ones.

The tour as a whole was filled with great experiences and give us much-needed quality time with our loved ones. Seeing a different side to everyone in a setting outside work helped tighten our bonds and learn more about each other.


That’s a short summary of some of the key events for nopStation in 2022. While this year has presented all of us with new challenges. Our team has also had to say goodbye to some of our most cherished team members as they have started a new chapter in their lives. We as a team have been fortunate to come together and persevere in nopStation. We are proud of the achievements throughout the year and our growth as both teams and as individuals. As we close the chapter of 2022, we are optimistic about the future. We can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring and how we as a unit can climb higher.


That’s our throwback of 2022. Thank you all for reading and a most special thanks to all of our incredible teammates.

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