nopDms (NopCommerce Delivery Management System) is an integrated delivery management app. By using our DMS, you can easily fulfill your deliveries/shipping service.
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Picture of nopDms Nop-3.9
nopDms Nop-3.9


Live Demo
Picture of nopDms Nop-3.9 Source-Code
nopDms Nop-3.9 Source-Code


Live Demo


  1. Add the shipper from customer .
  2. Shippers are able to see his/her all order list.
  3. When orders are  shipped or delivery shipper can mark the date on shipping date and delivery date.
  4. Shipper can view customer address in google map.


  • Download and upload nopDms build zip file from admin panel.
  • Install 'NopStation Core' first and then 'Nop-Station nopDms' Plugin.
  • Save and Enjoy.