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nopStation’s Flutter Admin Mobile App with REST API brings the ultimate nopCommerce mobile App experience to iOS and Android. These incredible apps are made using nopStation’s class-leading Admin REST API Plugin for nopCommerce, written in Flutter, bringing the ideal cross-platform nopCommerce admin endpoints experiences on iOS and Android. These apps are created using cutting-edge, cross-platform technologies and responsive modern design principles, giving you great functionality and lightning-fast performance with the ability to manage your nopCommerce admin operations on the go, on mobile devices.
Won’t it be convenient if you could manage your e-commerce business directly from your Mobile device? Do you think having a powerful mobile admin App for managing your admin operations for your nopCommerce-powered online store would be helpful? Won’t the ability to manage your business and nopCommerce store from a mobile device make you more productive?
Live demo for Admin apps
Our demo apps are available at Google PlayStore (Android) and Apple AppStore (iOS). Click below to download the related app.
If you share these concerns, then nopStation is happy to introduce you to the Admin Flutter App with REST API. This cross-platform app was developed using the latest design standards using Flutter, Dart, and nopStation’s Admin REST API plugin for nopCommerce

For admin credentials to test the App, ping us on:

The Admin Flutter App with REST API was made to let you handle all of the critical admin panel functionality from your mobile device with ease with just a simple admin login. This nopCommerce flutter app brings all of the power and complexity of an admin panel and puts it into an easy-to-use mobile app without sacrificing any functionality or performance. As the app is made with cross-platform technologies, you can reduce development costs and complexities, giving you a major business advantage.
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Another great thing about the Admin Flutter App with REST API is that it sets up seamlessly by using nopSation’s REST API plugin that comes bundled, letting you publish easily to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store with a few easy steps. These apps are built using Flutter 3.3.3 and Dart 2.18.0 with minimum support for Android 4.4 and iOS 12. In this great package, you will have the Android App and iOS App from nopStation.
  1. The nopStation Admin App allows the store admin and the vendors to manage their catalogue, sales, customers, promotions, configurations, plugins and generate & view reports.
  2. Under the Catalog menu, the store admin can add/remove/update the categories, add/ remove/ edit the products, import/export products, add/remove manufacturers, manage product reviews, product tags, product attributes, specifications attributes, checkout attributes.
  3. Under the Sales menu, the store admin can manage orders, shipments, return requests, recurring payments, gift cards, shopping carts and wish lists.
  4. Under the Customers menu, the store admin can manage customers, customer roles, online customers, Vendors, activity log, Activity type and GDPR requests (logs).
  5. Under the Promotions menu, the store admin can manage discounts, affiliates, newsletter subscribers and campaigns.
  6. Under the Content management menu, the store admin can manage topics pages, message templates, news items, news comments, blog posts and blog comments.
  7. Under the Configuration menu, the store admin can manage settings, Email accounts, Stores, Countries, Languages and Currencies.
  1. Common statistics
  2. Orders
  3. New customers
  1. Product list, create, edit and delete
  2. Required products
  3. Related products
  4. Cross-sell products
  5. Associated products
  6. Product pictures
  7. Product specification attributes
  8. Product purchased with order
  9. Product export/import
  10. Product tier prices
  11. Product attributes
  12. Product attribute combinations
  13. Product editor settings
  14. Stock quantity history
  1. Category list, create, edit and delete
  2. Category export/import
  3. Category products
  1. Manufacturer list, create, edit and delete
  2. Manufacturer export/import
  3. Manufacturer products
Product reviews
  1. Product review list, edit and delete
  2. Product review approve
Product tags
  1. Product tag list, edit, delete
Product attribute
  1. Product attribute list, create, edit and delete
  2. Predefined product attribute value
  3. Used by products
Specification attributes
  1. Specification attributes list, create, edit and delete
  2. specification attribute group list, create, edit and delete
  3. Specification attribute option list, create, edit and delete
  4. Specification attribute used by products
Checkout attributes
  1. Checkout attributes list, create, edit and delete
  2. Checkout attributes Value
  1. Order list, edit and delete
  2. Order details
  3. Order export/import
  4. Order address edit
  5. Order notes
  6. Order reports
Return requests
  1. Shipment list, create, edit and delete
  2. Shipment print slip, set as delivered, set as shipped
Recurring payments
  1. Recurring payments list, edit, cancel and delete
Gift cards
  1. Gift cards list, create, edit, usage history and delete
Shopping carts and wishlists
  1. Shopping cart and wishlist list, delete
  1. Customer list, create, edit and delete api
  2. Reward points history api
  3. Customer addresses create, edit and delete api
  4. Customer orders api
  5. Customer current shopping cart/ wishlist api
  6. Customer activity log api
  7. Customer export/import api
  8. Back in stock subscriptions api
  1. Customer settings api
  2. Shopping cart settings api
  3. Reward points settings api
  4. Gdpr settings api
  5. Blog settings api
  6. News settings api
  7. Forum settings api
  1. Sales summary list
  2. Low stock list
  3. Bestsellers list
  4. Products never purchased list
  5. Country sales list
  6. Registered customers list
  7. Customers by order total list
  8. Customers by number of orders list
For previous version of nopCommerce mobile apps support, please contact us directly
flutter admin app details
flutter admin app details
flutter admin app details
So, take make your admin panel wherever you go with nopStation’s Admin Flutter App with REST API. Don’t forget to check out nopStation’s class-leading Flutter Mobile App for the nopCommerce public store as well for any of your business needs.

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