This plugin supports PST, GST, HST separate taxes for specific country/state/zip. It adds two or three-level taxes in default nopcommerce. Taxes can be applied to products, shipping rates, payment method additional fees. Store owner can use the same tax amount(Percentage) for the different state for the same tax category.
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Feature :

  1. Support two or three taxes over products, shipping rates, Payment method additional fee.

  1. Support country/province/tax category based tax.

  2. Support PST, GST, HST taxes.

  3. Show separate calculations for each tax.

  4. Save PST, GST, HST labeled tax rates after order complete.

  5. Show separate tax calculation in invoice pdf.

  6. Show labeled tax rates for excel export.

  7. Show separate tax labeled at email.

  8. Customers can see separate tax labels at order details.

  9. Customers can see separate tax labels at download pdf and print pdf.

  10. Store owner can use same tax amount for different state for same tax category



  • Download and upload Multiple Tax build zip file from admin panel.
  • Install 'NopStation Core' first and then 'Nop-Station Multiple Tax' Plugin.
  • Enable the plugin from settings (Admin/MultipleTaxes/Settings).


  1. Multiple Tax Setting
  2. Setup the tax settings (/Admin/Setting/Tax).Tax Settings
  3. Mark as primary tax provider (/Admin/Tax/List).PrimaryTax
  4. Insert Tax rates (Admin/MultipleTaxes/Configure).tax ratePlugin Overview :The plugin is tested for default nopcommerce. We have to override some views and services of default nopcommerce.



1.Tax List (Admin/MultipleTaxes/Configure).

multiple tax list





4.Order details

order details