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nopStation's Multiple Tax plugin is developed to provide nopCommerce store owners with the ability to easily calculate separate taxes such as PST, GST, HST for specific country/state/zip on their online stores. This tax calculation plugin also lets you add two or three-level taxes in default nopCommerce after a simple nopCommerce plugin download and installation. The multiple tax plugin lets you apply taxes to products, shipping rates, payment methods and additional fees seamlessly.
Taxation and tax management for products and orders is an essential metric for online businesses. All online stores and companies must comply with local and international tax laws and policies, which extends to showing applied taxes for their products and services. These taxes can vary depending on the product type, shipping, payment methods, state, country, etc. and two or more are applicable on a single order.
Multiple Tax plugin for nopCommerce
If you want to enable multiple tax functionality for your products conveniently, then nopStation is here with its Multiple Tax plugin for nopCommerce. This tax management plugin supports multiple taxes based on product, shipping, country, payment, etc. This plugin also supports GST, PST, and HST support and displays separate tax calculations for each tax. Additional features include saving PST, GST, or HST after order completion, showing taxes on the invoice pdf file, and letting customers see taxes from order details and separate tax labels that can be printed as PDF. Store owners have granular control over taxes, such as setting different state-wise tax amounts. Having such granular control over taxes makes complying with tax laws and regulations much more streamlined for your business. Customers can also see taxes easily and make well-informed purchases with tax-calculated purchases.


  • Supports two or more taxes over products, shipping rates, payment methods
  • Supports country/province/tax category-based tax
  • Supports PST, GST, HST taxes
  • Supports additional feebased on payment methods
  • Shows separate calculations for each tax
  • Saves PST, GST, HST labeled tax rates after order completion
  • Shows separate tax calculation in invoice PDF file
  • Shows labeled tax rates for Excel(.xlsx) export
  • Shows separate tax labeled at email
  • Customers can see separate tax labels at order details
  • Customers can see separate tax labels at download PDF and print PDF
  • Store owners can use same tax amount for different state for same tax category
Add multiple tax support for your business with nopStation’s Multiple Tax plugin for nopCommerce. Have a look at one of nopStation's other Tax plugins, TaxJar Integration plugin