The TaxJar Integration Plugin for nopCommerce Store enables you to connect to a real-time TaxJar tax calculation service, as well as prepare and submit the Tax without having to worry about preparing the Tax files manually. The TaxJar Integration Plugin for nopCommerce by nopStation gives you the opportunity to sell across more channels with less effort. With TaxJar, it’s easy for multichannel sellers to expand to new markets and manage sales tax compliance. TaxJar's cloud-based platform enables sellers' businesses to scale seamlessly. AI-driven product categorization, a real-time calculation engine, a flexible API, and aggregated transaction reports remove your administrative burdens. Plugin Type: nopCommerce Plugin, Plugin Category: TaxJar Tax calculation API Integration Plugin, Supported nopCommerce Version: 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 & 4.5; Available Purchase option: Without Source Code & With Source Code; Available License Type: Single URL, Multiple URL
TaxJar Integration Plugin


TaxJar is a one-stop service for sales tax computations, reporting, and filing. Once connected to TaxJar, you'll be able to see your sales tax collected by city and county, as well as across all states and platforms.

At TaxJar, they are making it easier for businesses to manage sales tax by reducing the complex and perplexing tax calculation rules against hundreds of tax category tax codes into something simple and straightforward tax compliance solution. Once connected to Tax Jar, you'll be able to calculate and show your customers the collectable sales tax amount on the checkout page of your online store and collect the tax by city and county, as well as across all states and platforms. The tax is automatically determined based on the shipping address. In the payment amount area, the total tax is also displayed.

Integrating the Taxjar Plugin in your nopCommerce store would be the simplest way to provide a better user experience to your customers in terms of deducting tax on the checkout process while managing your tax calculation, reporting and filing in a simple way through the power of TaxJar API service!

Features :

  • Real-time Sales Tax Rates & Calculations
  • TaxJar API instantly provides accurate sales tax rates at checkout for upgraded plans
  • Calculate sale tax across all over the world
  • Can show remaining delivery capacity on the checkout page
  • Calculate sale tax categories wise
  • Multi-store supported
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