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The Google Tag Manager plugin from nopStation helps you easily set up Google Tags on your nopCommerce-based online store. This plugin lets you set up various tracking and analytics tools through Google Tag Manager such as Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel as well as push other information into GTM. This plugin comes with eCommerce tag optimization as well and lets up manage everything after a simple nopCommerce plugin download and installation.
Google Tag Manager is a popular tracking and tag management tool. Tracking and analytics management are essential parts of any online store or business. Having Google Tag Manager support is vital for managing tracking and analytics resources to retrieve accurate data insights.
If you want to enable Google Tag Manager support for your nopCommerce-based online store, then nopStation is here with its Google Tag Manager (GTM) plugin for nopCommerce. This tracking and analytics plugin lets you easily integrate Google Tag Manager into your online store with quick and simple installation. With Google Tag Manager support, you can easily manage your Tags and data from tracking tools all in one place. This plugin supports popular trackers such as Google Analytics 4, Universal Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel trackers. Other 3rd party trackers or tracking codes can be added as well with this plugin. The Google Tag Manager plugin is optimized for advanced eCommerce tracking with support for tracking order completions, products, categories, manufactures, vendors pages, searches, the home page, add to cart and add to cart and wish list, Initiate Checkout, and Complete Registration pages etc. With the help of this plugin store owners can add and manage tags and tracking tools effortlessly while getting accurate data and insights.


  • Add as many data layer variables as you need to your posts or pages
  • Tags are triggered when a visitor scrolls down the page from top to bottom
  • Within three clicks you can integrate Google Analytics GA4, Universal Analytics, and Facebook Pixel, along with packaged GTM settings
  • Adding Google tags as well as tags from third parties
  • Add custom tracking codes and scripts
  • Advanced eCommerce tag optimizations:
    • Order Completed page
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Manufacturers
    • Vendors pages
    • Search page
    • Home page
    • Add to cart and add to wishlist pages
    • Initiate Checkout
    • Complete Registration
    • Remove From Cart
    • View Cart


  • You might have to customize the scripts to accommodate third-party theme compatibility.
Add Google Tag Manager support to your online store by getting nopStation’s Google Tag Manager (GTM) plugin for nopCommerce. Don’t forget to checkout nopStation’s collection of other analytics and tracking plugins as well

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