Why NopStation Mobile App Is The Best For nopCommerce Website

Today’s online shoppers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites and desktop websites. If you have a Commerce website built on nopCommerce MVC and plan to build an eCommerce app for your online store, it’s time you provide your customer a mobile app to complete your mobile website.

An overview of nopStation's mobile apps

With emerging popularity for being reliably fast and secure eCommerce platform, nopCommerce claimed a highly notable people’s choice and other CMS awards back in 2016. Since the backend is based on.NET MVC, the nopCommerce developers find the platform most convenient for any eCommerce web application. The most important feature of the platform is the nopCommerce web API integration for mobile based applications. As the most of today’s online shoppers choose any mobile devices twice over a desktop browser, having a Mobile App for your nopCommerce website appears to be more user oriented than before. Now if you are thinking about one of the best Mobile App solutions for your nopCommerce website to add a dimension to your business, nopStation is there to satisfy all your business needs.

nopStation is a powerful eCommerce business-oriented Mobile App for any nopCommerce portal. It is customizable with powerful plugins and convenient for any eCommerce needs in going Mobile. Following provides the deep insights of what nopStation has in store for your nopCommerce based business website:

Native Features Everywhere

Since your customers can be favored with diverse mobile device and platforms, nopStation developers have a diverse solution as well. The nopStation mobile app is available both on AppStore and Google Play for all compatible mobile devices. Our native app features will give you the latest version your eCommerce mobile application that complies your customers’ mobile devices.  This offers your customer the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to your customers.

Powerful Plugins

Some of nopStation's plugins

nopStation comes with free plugins by default to integrate with your eCommerce site including Quick view plugin, will help your store user to view the detail in a popup without redirecting the page, and Like Product Plugin, you can see the most liked products by your customers from admin panel. To empower your nopStation mobile app, developers can provide you with customizable on demand plugins to best-suited to your nopCommerce website. Our company charges lower than the most other providers with the best service assurance you can get.

Go Mobile in just 1 DAY!

Once you decide to have a mobile app for your eCommerce website already hosted using the nopCommerce platform, all you need is to approach talented nopStation developers with your needs. Our dedicated team will serve you the full featured nopCommerce mobile app for your e-business just within 1 Day (24h) span! We prioritize your needs and understand our service values; therefore, we provide you the fastest and most standard service for your business to Go Mobile!

Easy Navigation

You don’t expect your customers to be experience and tech savvy, yet you want the most advanced and desired features in your eCommerce mobile app. We can develop your eCommerce Mobile App with easy navigation panels. Our product is designed by the reliable UX/UI designers to make your eCommerce Mobile App appear more user-friendly with a modern outlook. Hidden navigation panel is the most popular in current days and we adopted that in our nopStation mobile API.  

Push Notification

nopStation comes with highly customizable push notification feature. Based on your eCommerce business needs and nopCommerce based website design you can customize notification and product updates for your customer in the way you need. Scheduled notification, product feature updates, similar product lists, the special day offers with text greetings are highly demanded features for your eCommerce mobile app.

Banner Slider

We understand that impressive mobile app look will keep your customer more into your app. Our nopStation mobile app solution in designed with features that let you upload, customize and show a series of amazing product images, special offer promotions and branding campaigns for your e-business.

Category Menu and Customizable Page

Category and menu customization options

To meet your diverse range of product listing feature needs, we introduced category menu and customizable category page while designing nopStation mobile app. Your customers will easily find out the product they want from the selected category menus or even go to the category page to select from all the available product range those appear below.

Product Details

Mobile App product category

We understand you want to approach your customer with the best product attire and we hear you. Our popup product details integrated with your nopStation mobile solution will allow your customers sneak into the item description before taking purchase decision. This helps your e-business getting much customer trust and creates brand loyalty.

Shopping Cart

nopStation Shopping Cart is synchronizable with your nopCommerce online store shopping cart. Therefore, your customers never lose their preferred items added into the cart previously and you never disappoint them your nopStation mobile app service. Your customer gets the best shopping experience throughout the different channels.

Create and Manage User Profiles

nopStation provides user database management features. With authenticated user credentials, your customer can register, create and manage their shopping profile using your nopStation mobile app. Your customer can get an insight of their purchase history and loyalty services provided to them as well, using our nopStation mobile solution customized for your business needs.

Manageable Wish List

Mobile App wishlist

Using nopStation eCommerce mobile app your customers will be able to add/remove and manage the products they want to purchase, on a wishlist anytime. This feature functions as a popup reminder for your customers. Customer wish list in our nopStation mobile app will provide you more customer insight and later assist you analyzing customer behavior and their shopping experience and let you step ahead with perspective marketing strategies.

Hybrid Checkout

nopStation provides hybrid checkout for your nopCommerce website. Your customers will find enhanced WebView features during checkout for their transaction comfort. This makes your mobile app easy to use for your customers with all the comfort they want throughout their online shopping experience.

Secured Payment Gateway

To keep the easiest and most secure transaction channel between you and your customers, the nopStation mobile app supports one mouse click payment process viable with multiple payment gateways.

                                               With nopStation, you carry your brand to mobile

Our unique and on-demand features, customization will change your eCommerce business experience online. Also, you change your customer shopping experience introducing a fully functional eCommerce Mobile App using nopStation.

Contact our team for any further query and services. To learn about nopStation pay a visit to our website.

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