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nopStation's pickup in-store advanced plugin allows store owners to set up “Pickup in-store” feature for customer orders during checkout. This pickup point provider plugin for nopCommerce comes with additional features such as managing pickup in-store orders, customer notifications, show pickup status on the order page, and marking orders as ready. This plugin lets you easily integrate pickup in-store support for your business after a simple nopCommerce plugin download and installation.
Order shipments can sometimes go through multiple pickup points. Managing the status of an order for these pickup points is crucial as the customer or shipper might need to know information such as pickup point location, order status, delivery status, etc. And providing this formation in a convenient way for customers can present a challenge for many online businesses.
Pickup in store advance plugin for nopCommerce
If you want to enable advanced pickup point management features to your nopCommerce-based business, then nopStation is here with its Pickup in Store Advance feature plugin for nopCommerce. This plugin allows for advanced pickup points management functionalities such as pickup in-store order management, order status, customer notifications for order status, export and import for pickup points, and showing active or inactive pickup points. Admins can easily set rates for pickup status in order details and notify customers when the order is ready. Customers can easily see order status changes from the order details page. This makes order management much more efficient for admins and convenient for customers.


  • View pickup in store orders
  • Can mark order as ready, and notify customer
  • Can mark as delivered and notify customer
  • Show pickup status in order details page
  • Admin configuration for pickup status in order details, notify customer if ready, add notes or visible it to customer or not
  • Export, Import pickup points
Enable advanced order pickup options for your online business with nopStation's Pickup in Advance plugin. Don’t forget to check out nopStation’s class-leading Delivery Scheduler plugin for any of your business needs as well.
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