nopDMS App- Real Time Delivery Tracking System

nopDMS Delivery Management System from nopStation

nopStation presents another miscellaneous app nopDMS (nopCommerce delivery Management system), an easy and smart way for nopCommerce store owners to manage their local delivery operation without having the trouble to invest in numerous logistics dispatch software, courier apps and real-time delivery tracking technology.

DMS (Delivery Management System) is an integrated delivery management app which will track and store every detail of your shipping status. Its a combination of an Android app & a NopCommerce plugin, which can easily be integrated with your business.

So, now we can focus more onto your business.

Just install the plugin and rest of the work will become smoother by nopDMS app.

Supported versions:

nopDMS app will work with any custom store built with nopCommerce platform. Right now the app supports  nopcommerce 3.9 version.


  • Login & Logout:

User can now easily log in just by entering username and password. No further authentication steps needed. Logout option is also very user friendly, just a matter of clicking for the logout option is there.

  • Customized Order status:

User can customize the background color of an order for different shipping status. For example, yellow can be used for "returned order", red  for "Refused order", gray for "In-transit" order, blue is for "Scanned but not in-transit yet" order etc. By using a car icon on the very right row of an order, user can also change the status "return/refused" to "in transit".   

  • Smart Searching options:

User can search order by order id, phone number or address to see the details of the order. On bonus, user can search an order by scanning barcode.

  • Feedback option for returned/refused order:

In Order detail page, there are two shipping status buttons

1. Make as return and

2. Make as refused.

A delivery man can change this status. Before dispatching an order, it will take feedback from the customer of the reason for returning/ refusing via a notepad built into the app. The note will save with the shipping status of the product.

  • Find Way Path Find in Map:

User can find any valid address on the map of DMS app. It will save the time of dispatching an order.

  • Digital Signature capture:

User/deliveryman can collect the signature from the customer before closing the order status. Delivery time and signature will be saved on the server side. This digital order verified system will restrict the scope of any miscommunication after receiving the product from clients end.

Advantages for Businesses

  1. Faster delivery and time management through the map of the app
  2. Proof of delivery via digital signature capture system
  3. Time saving dispatching and routing decisions
  4. Reduction in customer complaints for full tracked shipping status
  5. Raise in average order sizes
  6. Increment in repetitive orders


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