A Beginners Guide for Store Owners: Learn nopCommerce for Business

Beginners guide to nopCommerce store owners

Being known as the most flexible open source e-commerce platform, nopCommerce has become an exciting arena for online store owners to grow their business. With a readily accessible customer base and exciting new features, vendors can easily maintain their online stores without any hassle. Equip with the most demanding requirements of store owners, such as multi vendor capability, in-built marketing tools, product management, email, live-chat, multi lingual support and affiliate marketing, NopCommerce helps them to stay ahead of their competition.

nopStation is a Customer First e-commerce software development company which is also the silver partner of nopCommerce and also the first one to bring a native app in the community offering custom development and facilitation in growing your business up on top. Since nopCommerce is a self-sufficient online store, some short-outs from our experience can be easy to grab to grow the business for the store owners who has just landed his first step in this sector. Let’s see how as a nopCommerce store owner, you can use these features to connect better with your customers and increase your revenue.

Endorse multi-vendor functionality to boost sales

With nopCommerce, store owners showcase multiple vendors on their e-commerce website and drive commissions on each sale that originates on the portal. Vendors will also benefit from the important features like the creation of profiles, easy vendor registration, managing the products, viewing the various sales reports and flexible vendor payments. The NopCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace is exceedingly hyped as customers are saved from the trouble of visiting multiple sites to do their shopping. And as a store owner, you can enjoy the boost in your sales and other higher profits.

Leverage the in-built marketing tools

NopCommerce has numerous in-built marketing tools like SEO, analytics, ERP systems to improve overall productivity and increase the sale of nopCommerce store owners. Additionally, store owners can enjoy more traffic to their store and integrate with third-party ERP systems to improve total operations and productivity. Other in-built marketing tools alike Up Selling, discounts and affiliates and the powerful SEO module on nopCommerce help to improve both your overall productivity and catapult your e-commerce business to greater heights.

Built-in email templates to enhance customer experience

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, nopCommerce store owners don't have to buy expensive email templates or messaging tools to keep connected with their customers. nopCommerce portal has more than hundreds of user-friendly built-in email templates that can be used by store owners to send notifications about the customer’s order status or to improve the after-purchase seasoning of the customers. you can find a variety of email templates in the ‘Content Management’ section under the ‘Message Template’ tab of the nopCommerce platform. So, you don’t have to buy subscriptions for expensive email tools.

Manage products the right way

nopCommerce store owners can put up product information, manage their inventory and integrate their sites, update their website with the latest deals and offers of the nopCommerce platform. They can also associate with other marketplaces by using tools that are already available on this e-commerce site. Hassle-free product management is something that all nopCommerce store owners can enjoy. With tools like cross-selling, upselling, product reviews, prompts and other features on the platter, businesses can become more profitable in an increasingly competitive market.

Live Chat, User Behaviour Data and Multilingual Support for better customer experience

NopCommerce has proved to be a pathbreaker by adopting powerful features that just can’t be ignored. Responding customer queries instantaneously is a very important feature of the nopCommerce website. It helps to gain more loyal customers resulting increase your sales. nopCommerce has some interesting features like Current Wish Lists, Activity Log and Shopping Carts etc. that help nopCommerce store owners understand their users better and procure to their needs. Store owners can easily integrate the Live Chat plugins on their nopCommerce portals to ensure the best customer support.

Moreover, you can now use Live Chat to deal with online customer queries in time while the Multi-Lingual support for the e-commerce store and back-office helps to improve the accessibility of your store. By choosing nopCommerce, you will have access to all the tools that will smoothen your journey as a proud store owner.

Affiliate marketing to increase store traffic and boost marketing performance

There are so many ways to generate a large number of traffic and sales on an e-commerce website but when there is a question about adopting a low maintenance, pay for performance program, there affiliate marketing takes the prize.  It offers huge potential for growth in an easy-to-commit relationship between three parties – the advertiser, the publisher and the customer.  The customer while browsing through the publisher’s site clicks an ad that he finds interesting and is automatically redirected to the advertiser’s website.

The publisher earns a commission, the advertiser gets more traffic and the customer gets more options to find the product or service he is looking for – thus everybody’s happy! As a nopCommerce store-owner, you can use the NopCommerce Affiliate Program to promote your business and draw relevant traffic to your store.

Various sales reports to enhance your business

It is essential for any store owner to know how his business is going if required. The nopCommerce solution provides a range of sales reports that can be used to help you analyze your business, track your online sales and build strategies for the upcoming future market. These reports can be easily configured to give you useful insights for your decision making and provide you the different business statistics from time to time.

nopCommerce packs a punch when it comes to providing free, built-in marketing tools, a range of techniques to engage with your customers and maintaining your whole business in a seamless way.

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Mobile app to further increase user engagement

Your eCommerce business can attain much with a Mobile Application alongside a browser portal. The world is in a rush and since the emergence of smart devices, people do multitasking on the go. A quick review of the statistics shows a little percentage (10% utmost) of worldwide mobile device users experiencing Mobile Web Browser over customized application. If you want to reach the most customers on the web for your eCommerce business, you should not be late having a Mobile application alongside.

nopCommerce native mobile apps from nopStation

Now if you are thinking about one of the best Mobile App solutions for your nopCommerce website which will add a dimension to your business, nopStation is there to meet your satisfaction. nopStation's unique and on-demand features along with the benefits of customization will change your online e-commerce business experience. Since your customers can be favored with diverse mobile device and platforms, nopStation developers have a diverse solution as well. The nopStation mobile app is available both on AppStore and Google Play for all compatible mobile devices. Our native app features will give you the latest version your eCommerce mobile application that complies your customers’ mobile devices.  This offers your customer the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to your customers.

Contact our team for any further help, query and services about best e-commerce solution. We are always here to help you out with our expert assistance.

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