Launch a Fashion store Using nopCommerce Mobile App

Launch fashion store using nopCommerce mobile app 

Fashion wins the latest online shopping trail, the best performing segment alone in UK and USA during 2016. There are enormous numbers of fashion brands doing business through the Internet and the market is ever increasing. The advent of the Internet changed the conventional way of doing small business and the market went high since then. If we look at the fashion industry and the technologies in use, the adoption of Mobile apps among the online fashion shoppers is pretty high.

For any existing clothing brand having a website is a conventional approach to serving the remote clients apart from the physical outlet. But looking at the statistics with 63% of internet users choosing mobile over desktop or mobile web applications, we all understand the convenience of a mobile app for online business. Your customers don’t expect you to be technologically backdated than other rivals where they can get the alternative service anytime. More than 70% of online sales came from fashion retailers in the past year. Mobile users are the prominent drivers of these high numbers. A fully functional customer-oriented mobile app is capable of bringing the most revenue for your business. The obvious question that appears here is how we can leverage any mobile app to spread the business even more and increase sales. Answer is prominent on the following facts;

Fashion Shopping

Customer Experience

While designing a mobile app for online shopping, making the content interactive and product to pop up is important. If your clothing store already has a website that offers online shopping services, then it’s high time you think of having a mobile app as well. Why? Well, about 65% of the online shoppers are regularly attached to any mobile or tablet devices. You don’t want these potential clients to turn around and look for alternatives because you missed appearing in the battlefield. For fashion retailers, mobile apps give the most opportunity for product representation. Modern card style and smooth navigation panel are the most popular among consumers in terms of getting maximum product update. Over that you let your customers select size, color and type through online with just a finger swipe. This enhances the overall customer experience.   


E-commerce business is based on online shoppers. Your customers feel peeved at receiving a marketing call from your retail clothing business, or receiving a marketing SMS or email; While if they chose to load any online fashion app, they might not feel so surprised if that business sends them emails or alarm notification with promotions and special deals. Mobile Apps offer another line of online fashion product marketing, one that users are probably going to be more comfortable with. Your customers will always want to be the first to know about the latest fashion trends and newest product launch updates.


Apps are another source of branding. Your customers download your business apps out of their own discretion. It stays on their device as long as it serves the purpose. Regular product update, modern and responsive design prioritizing on user interaction can create a positive brand image for your clothing business and online store.

Keeping the Business in Mind

Considering a mobile app to handle your thousands of online shoppers and giving them a proper product view, you only have a single small mobile screen. A number of studies suggest that mobile phone users access Facebook an average of 14 times a day. With your company’s app taking up space on the same screen, that’s 14 times a day they might be reminded of your fashion store. Surely that has got to be a good thing.


Customer Feedback

Mobile apps benefit the fashion retailers collect their customers’ thoughts, reviews and remote business insight on services and product qualities through interactive mobile-only features. They might have complaints or suggestions about your business that can refine your strategies. A constructive review can truly represent your brand towards the newest customers and let you grow.

 Loyalty Programs & Easy Checkout

The idea of online fashion store has got enough popularity for the easy-to-adopt and interactive services offered by the retailers through the online business platform. Alongside the other popular features, smart notification and easy one-click checkout are the most recent trends. nopStation bring you the advanced push notification system. You can schedule and custom the latest product updates, occasional discounts and offers and even product details to your target clients having this app installed on their devices. Our checkout and online cart are the smartest way of collaborating your customer taking the purchase decision.  

Online Store Management

Fashion changes more frequent than any other commodities in human life. Keeping up the pace of modern clothing trends with your online store and manage your business has never made so simple. Simply let your customer know about your nopStation mobile app, let them get it downloaded and installed and you collect all your customer behavior and products of interest. This streamlines the buying process for the shoppers and makes things easier in the end.

Online Wardrobe and Fashion Designer

The nopStation mobile app is designed with the most user-friendly interface that holds some value-added services as well and customizable for your own fashion brand and clothing line. The best online fashion stores successfully doing eCommerce business such as Macy’s, Topshop, Forever 21, Lyst, Polyvore, Skylight etc., out on the web have their own customized online wardrobe management services. These includes related fashion materials and accessories to make a complete outfit for the day for different seasons. Pop up feature for popular fashion trends is the best match specifically for your own concept fashion store.

With the changing vibes of time, fashion brands are appearing in the market so consecutively, that sometimes it is pretty easy to miss something. Browsing each one of those websites is time-consuming in terms of choosing perfect size, style, pattern, etc. That is why eCommerce aggregators and retailers are turning towards the easiest means of doing business targeting the largest client groups at a time. It is not only convenient enough for the shoppers to have everything in one place but also, it increases sales for sellers. Therefore, a mobile app is a must have for any small and large fashion store of today’s time.

nopCommerce Mobile App for Fashion Stores

If your online store already has a website built on a nopCommerce platform, you are lucky there since we’ve got your back. We bring you the nopCommerce based mobile app, nopStation for your online fashion store. You must be thinking by now why choose nopStation than other nopCommerce mobile apps. We ask you to read the further of this article and you’ll be able to decide all by yourself.

Fashion shopping with nopCommerce mobile experince

We offer the most customizable nopStation mobile app for any nopCommerce based website. If you want to learn what’s more in the package, just have a quick surf through our nopCommerce mobile app features. Contact our team for the pricing and further details because we will be more than happy to assist you growing an online business.

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