"BSmegamenu”, a Nopstation plugin that shows your products in a more organized way

BS mega menu plugin from nopStation

What is a “Mega Menu”?

A mega menu is typically defined as a drop down interface that is triggered by the user hovering over a link or defined area. This drop-down usually shows all options in one main, mega-panel and oftentimes groups related topics into categories.

What is BSmegamenu plugin?

This plugin is for nopCommerce store owner. Anyone who are using nopCommerce can get a mega menu just installing our plugin. This plugin is a piece of software that acts as an add-on to a nopCommerce store and gives the store additional functionality. It can allow a nopCommerce store to display additional content it was not originally designed to display.

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Unlike others, BSmegamenu plugin offers an absolute level of customization, with great flexibility, you decide how your products looks and performs on the website. It’s save time because of user friendliness. Besides its cost effective as it’s a free plugin which creates more scope for engagement with the customers.

It offers a complete package that connects: Sales, Marketing & Support together.

BS mega menu plugin in the plugin list

Configuration for BS mega menu plugin

BS mega menu plugin on public store

Code snippet from BS mega menu source code

How does BSmegamenu generate sales?

BSmegamenu is an absolutely free & a powerful plugin which helps store owners create a better look and professional menu easily without technical knowledge. Customers can view and access products and categories just by hovering over the menu. With this plugin, you are able to create menu using changes like set the widgets zone, manufactured item in configuration option to update it successfully. Besides, the style of the menu can be customized to fit with brand guidelines. What's fancy? Mega Menu ensures your site running normally but not being slower like other extensions.

Do you know how long customers stay on web pages? Surprisingly, it’s only 10-20s on average whereas you have a variety of products and categories to show. So as not to let customers leave soon, tell them the shortest way to what they are looking for. BSmegamenu extension is your solution to create the great sitemap right on the main navigation. No technical knowledge required! You can flexibly set up your wanted menu with different content showing-off.  One more thing, you don’t need to worry about running a site with “turtle speed”. BSMegaMenu plugin doesn’t affect your site speed for sure.

Features of BSmegamenu:

It shows products on the page like-

  • 1st level category products.
  • 2nd level category products.
  • 3rd level category of the products.
  • Show images of the products category.
  • Show featured products.
  • Show manufactured items according to the number given in the configuration.

Your site could be best beneficial with BSmegamenu if:

  • Your site manages a large number of products like big e-commerce.
  • You publish and manage a vast amount of content.

Fully configured BS mega menu on nopCommerce public store page


To download this BSmegamenu plugin here are the web page link http://www.nop-station.com/mega-menu where you could find “Bsmegamenu” plugin, documentation & You can see on Youtube to configure it.


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