Best .NET ecommerce platform- nopCommerce

Best .NET based eCommerce platform is nopCommerce

The choice of programming language for a new application can only be made after considering a sum of factors such as the core functionality and purpose of the application, the underlying technology infrastructure available, as well as scalability, connectivity and security requirements. Furthermore, the preferences and budgets of its clients need to be taken into account.

ASP.NET is a web application framework that you can use to build any dynamic website, Later on, it became an open source. Even so, ASP.NET development has evolved to be the best solution chosen by medium to large business to create their web applications. The main reason why ASP.NET is considered as the best .NET ecommerce platform is that it allows the developers to create high performing websites, which are very easy to develop and maintain as well. Businesses have developed a liking to this language because it is affordable.

Notable features of .NET


.NET provides access to functionality and allows interaction between newer and older applications outside its environment. This exclusive feature makes it a popular among other open source languages.


Just like all .NET applications, ASP.NET applications are also compiled. This makes them much faster than PHP, whose applications are interpreted most of the time. To achieve the same effect with PHP, Zend and PHP accelerator must be installed on the server, and this is rarely the case at most Web hosting companies. Also, Object Oriented programming is much faster in ASP.NET than it is in PHP.

Language independence

Another notable point is ASP .NET gives you much easier going feeling than Java or PHP.NET has a Common Type System (CTS) that allows the framework to support the interaction of types and objects between applications and libraries developed using a compatible .NET language (VB.NET, C#, etc). So it has language interdependencies those make it unique.

Base class library

.NET has a base class library which is a part of the FCL, Base Class Library (BCL) is composed of classes that encapsulate functions available to all languages utilizing .NET – database interaction, web application development, file reading and writing, graphic rendering, XML document manipulation, and many others.


The Official Microsoft ASP.NET site is developed by Microsoft, which is built on top of Microsoft's .net framework. The leading strength of The Official Microsoft ASP.NET site is its security where all applications are provided with a common security model. Many inbuilt security features exist without the need for additional third-party plugins.

nopCommerce- best .NET ecommerce platform

nopCommerce is an open-source e-commerce solution built with ASP.NET inheriting all the exclusive features of this open source language. A complete solution with comprehensive features that is easy to use for new online businesses, yet powerful enough for the most demanding e-commerce expert. It’s a secure, scalable and extendable e-commerce platform that has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times since it has released! From the architectural perspective, its abilities to integrate to Entity Framework with code first approach and use ASP.NET MVC, Unit Testing etc., the platform offers one of the best eCommerce frameworks in the space. Additionally, since it is an open source e-commerce software, the community is supporting and constantly making this framework better and better.

Why is nopCommerce a better platform for e-commerce?

nopCommerce software contains both the catalog front-end and the administration tool back-end functionalities. It also offers shopping cart solution which is very easy to use. Most of the business merchants who have outgrown existing systems, find the solution most fitted for their businesses. Additionally, web hosting is also a lot easier in nopCommerce. E-commerce store owners can host with their current web host or with nopCommerce hosting partners also. Therefore,  anyone who wants to sell their goods over the internet can do it more swiftly than before.

Another point is, comparing with other existing e-commerce solutions nopCommerce is the best choice of all for its flexibility & control. As nopCommerce is a free platform, extensions and third-party applications can be purchased as add-ons. nopCommerce offers a stack of free stuff like nopCommerce plugins, nopCommerce themes, nopCommerce templates and so on.  Expert reviews are saying, nopCommerce is a popular downloadable e-commerce software in 2016. Till now nopCommerce is downloaded over 1.8 million times & also trusted among 27,000 (over) store owners. Also, nopCommerce is perfect for online merchants and small/medium businesses.

At Entergy, we are fortunate enough to have distinct teams that cover the above technology, and our team work together to create the best-interconnected solution and ultimately improve the business's overall operational efficiency


We have our two MVPs of the nopCommerce platform, Md. Minul Islam Sohel and Anik Saha, who got selected by the nopCommerce team through their yearly performance & presence in the community forum.

We are also first to bring the native app to the nopCommerce community

We are the first to bring the native nopCommerce app which is called, nopStation on both Android and iOS platform for the nopCommerce community. We offer the apps with source code so that you can easily modify and resell the app.

Our other legacies:

1. Free Themes

2. Free Plugins

3. Native mobile apps (iOS, Android Platform)

4. nopCommerce installation

5. PSD to nopCommerce theme design and implementation nopCommerce responsive (All devices compatible) theme Design.

6. Customization

7. Shipping and payment gateway integration

8. Custom shipping and tax rules implementation

9. Customized report implementation for MIS.

10. Store migration from other shopping carts to nopCommerce

11. Migration from any version to the newest version.

Contact our team for any further help, query, and services. We are always here to help you out with our expert assistance.

To learn about nopStation pay a visit to our website.

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