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The Solr Search Search Plugin for nopCommerce by nopStation is a great tool to integrate your nopCommerce-powered store.
Solr is a hosted search service platform designed to empower businesses, regardless of their scale, in delivering precise and timely search encounters for users on e-commerce platforms. Integrating Solr enables store proprietors to introduce swifter, more anticipatory, and finely tuned search outcomes, significantly amplifying user experiences across various e-commerce solutions as opposed to the standard nopCommerce search.
Solr Search Integration plugin for nopCommerce
For optimal integration of Solr search services into your nopCommerce solution, nopStation presents its Solr Search Integration plugin. Representing one of nopStation's premier plugins for nopCommerce, this integration tool empowers streamlined interaction with Solr. Customers can effortlessly explore and refine searches across diverse criteria, including categories, vendors, manufacturers, specifications, product ratings, prices, and more, ensuring rapid product discovery. The Solr plugin embraces advanced filtering, intelligent predictions, and auto-complete functionalities, enhancing search speed and convenience and enabling your customers to pinpoint the desired products swiftly.


  • Instant search
  • Filter by Category
  • Filter by Manufacturer
  • Show report result in data table
  • Filter by Specification Attribute( Allow filtering enabled is required for the specific Specification Attribute)
  • Filter by Product Rating
  • Filter by Price Range
  • Product Sort & Change Page Size
  • Index auto update
  • Easily customizable
Give your nopCommerce online store incredible search functionality with nopStation’s Solr Search Integration plugin. Don’t forget to check out nopStation’s ultimate collection of nopCommerce plugins.

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