What is nopCommerce?

 what is nopCommerce

nopCommerce is an open source eCommerce software solution which started its journey in 2008. Since then, the journey has been from ASP.net to strong PHP based solution building. Now nopCommerce provides fully customizable shopping cart facility. Which provides store owners more advantage than any other eCommerce software available. Also, stability & high usability are nopCommerce’s two most adored features. These functionalities have made nopCommerce triumphing in the market within a very short time.

What is ecommerce?

E-commerce business is buying and selling of goods and services that requires transmission of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily on the Internet. And these transactions occur either B2B, B2C, C2C or C2B businesses. The platforms for ecommerce needed to be single as well as unified. Accounting, POS, inventory and order management, marketing, merchandising, customer service and financials on a cloud-based platform all should be unified on an ecommerce platform.

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Different ecommerce platforms

There are now many platforms for ecommerce like Shopify, Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Shopping cart elite, 1 shopping cart etc. Which offers 24/7 support or mobile responsiveness or customization features! And most of the time, all the three elements together are hard to find in one platform. And nopCommerce is that one platform which offers all the three features at a time.

Why nopCommerce is a better platform for ecommerce?

nopCommerce software contains both catalog frontend and administration tool backend functions. It also offers shopping cart solution which is very easy to use. And merchants who have outgrown existing systems finds the solution most fitted for their businesses. Web hosting is also a lot easier in nopCommerce. Merchants can host with their current web host or with nopCommerce hosting partners also. Therefore, whether it’s physical or digital goods that one wants to sell over internet, can do it more swiftly than before.

nopCommerce offers such flexibility & control.

As nopCommerce is a free platform, extensions and third-party applications can be purchased as add-ons. nopCommerce offers a stack of free staffs like nopCommerce plugins, nopCommerce themes, nopCommerce templates and so on. And expert reviews are saying, nopCommerce is a popular downloadable eCommerce software in 2016. Till now nopCommerce has been downloaded over 1.8 million times & also trusted among 27,000 (over) store owners. And nopCommerce is perfect for online merchants and small/medium businesses.

nopCommerce Features

Mobile commerce
Product features
Payment methods
Shipping features
Tax features
Customer service

Short Descriptions of nopCommerce Features

Mobile commerce
As we are living in mobile-only age, the online store interface must be viewable. Hence, it needs to be convenient on all devices in any resolutions. nopCommerce offers clear and up-to-date responsive design. Thus any online store powered by nopCommerce is guaranteed usable on any device.

Product features
nopCommerce has wide range of editable and tweak able product attributes. SKU, quantity, size, price, weight, image, and stock level are the top attributes of nopCommerce. Additionally, customers can add custom attribute easily to the product to have a complete control over the process.

A good store contains easy checkout. And nopCommerce provides a wide range of checkout options. Like, easy one-page checkout, anonymous checkout and much more. Also nopCommerce has SMS notifications and configurable product measures for the best user experience.

nopCommerce offers arsenal of marketing tools. Which delivers automated statistics and helps in content marketing. For a successful online store, nop provides discount codes, gift certificates, product rating and reviews options. Also pages created with nopCommerce are adaptable with major product comparison feeds. Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Yahoo Shopping and become.com are such feeds.

Multi-vendor and multi-store support
NopCommerce can operate a multi-vendor marketplace. It can effortlessly re-sell items supplied by other vendors! Vendors do not feel intrusion as they can have dedicated administration panel. Moreover, Multi-store support allows one to operate two or more online stores with different URLs using one administration panel.

Payment methods
Across the globe, nopCommerce has official technology partnership relations with major payment processors. Which permits exclusive marketing offers and pricing packages available for nopCommerce users. Also nopCommerce is integrated with more than 50 payment methods and gateways. Thus nopCommerce allows one to accept all major credit and debit cards. And as every country has its own payment preference, nopCommerce allows businesses to control payment methods according to country preferences.

Shipping features
Shipping features includes Calculation, Addresses, Estimate shipping, Packaging slips and Shipping methods. All of these features are absolutely customizable according to customers’ preferences.

Search engine optimization
Search engine friendly, Sitemap, Micro data, Localizable URLs, Breadcrumbs, URL Canonicalization, Google Analytics integration all are collectively present in nopCommerce SEO feature. Which is why, high visibility of websites (built with nopCommerce) in search engine is confirmed. Also SEO of nopCommerce gives store owners higher search rankings which induce more free traffic to their stores.

Customer service
Along with all these features, nopCommerce offers a bunch of customer service features as well. Customer attributes, External authentication, Security and permissions, Wishlist, RTL support, EU cookie law are some of the names on the list.

All these features have made nopCommerce wealthy & capable to build a successful ecommerce store. Also the continuous updates of the features & adding them to the lists have made nopCommerce the most up to date ecommerce platform available for the merchants & the SMB owners.

nopCommerce integrations with other business systems and applications

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nopCommerce provides a long list of benefits that make it a popular as an eCommerce solution. Let me tell you some core benefits:

Firstly, it is an open source shopping cart, which means store owners can set it up easily and quickly for free. It can also be further configured and improved with added tools and functionalities.

Secondly, all stores and sites built with nopCommerce is designed to be mobile responsive. So that, it can be fully functional and can be optimized for mobile devices.

Thirdly, nopCommerce can run multiple stores from a single installation.

Fourthly, it helps selling products that are not in ones inventory with the multi-vendor and drop shipping features.

And then, all sites and stores are highly visible and top ranked in search engines through optimization.

User Satisfaction

We can see when a businessman makes his/her decision to buy a shopping cart software, it’s really important to see an expert review. At the same time, it’s also important to find out about real people & companies point of view about the product buying process. They (businessmen) need to find out if the people or the companies who are buying the products are satisfied with the purchasing process or not. And with our research, we have found out there aren’t any negative remarks about nopCommerce on any social sites or in any other existing sites so far. With this information in one’s hand, businessmen’s buying decision will be so easy and swift that, they won’t have to regret.

Not only that for further services this vendor offers-

TICKETS Support.

Now to shine with the eCommerce stores, I would like to give you some tips & tricks. So that you can see your business grow in no time.

Tips & tricks

For a successful launch of your online store, you need to follow these simple S’s of ecommerce

The Three S's of E-Commerce are-

Storage Space:

Some e-commerce site builders put limitation on sales. So you need to choose the one that offers you the inventory space and bandwidth which fits your needs. Because, any best ecommerce platform will let your online shop sell online without limitations.

Safety Protocols:

Always choose a program that offers strong scam protection and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is both necessary for the protection of you and your customers. SSL technology makes it possible to send online payments securely. So, SSL is a must-have on all e-commerce sites.

Site Design:

A user-friendly interface is a must have for e-commerce solution. Site function tools should be clear & it should be easy as well for the customers to go after their desired options. Therefore, you need to choose a top notch site builder to build your online store. You always have to remember the needs of your customers. And accordingly have to place well-designed menus, filters, and sorting options for making your site user friendly.

What do you need to know before launching your online store?

An e-commerce site builder lets you build, customize, and run an online store. A complete e-commerce solution and the best ecommerce sites will come with the tools to walk you through the entire process. From hosting, design, pricing and payment options, marketing tools to reports. All these badges you need to use for obtaining the best ecommerce stores.
Consider how much you'll sell. If you expect heavy traffic, an e-commerce solution that offers lots of online storage space, inventory, and bandwidth is a must. Then, decide the level of customization you'd like, to ensure the best ecommerce platform for your store. Many e shop site builders offer attractive templates which are ready-to-use. Then there are others with HTML for more seasoned web designers. Thus always look for must-have features such as payment security and sales reports. Equally, be sure to provide secure payment and shipping options for your customers. Look closely at the tools such as, the ability to create discounts, loyalty programs, or gift-wrap options on your ecommerce website and be careful about the charge for extras. All of these attentions will influence the success of your online shop and how you sell online. Lastly, adopt a program that is easy to use and has a solid customer support team. A well-designed ecommerce builder should be simple yet effective. And the less time you have to spend figuring out the program, the more time you'll have to run your business.

From downloads to documentation, nopCommerce.com offers a comprehensive base of information, resources, and support to the nopCommerce community. So, undoubtedly nopCommerce is a complete solution providing platform for any size & type of online stores.

Final Thoughts

The ecommerce business world is likely to change a lot in upcoming years. In the long run fresh ways of doing ecommerce will arise. And to catch up, marketers will put their heart and soul into refining and fine-tuning existing methods.

So, here we are at the crossroads. Standing for new challenges which will emerge, and working for bigger success stories.

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