This plugin allows you to integrate with Verizon, providing SMS notification service.
Verizon SMS notification plugin


Verizon SMS notification plugin Nop-4.40


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Verizon SMS notification plugin Nop-4.40 - Source Code


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Verizon SMS notification plugin Nop-4.50 - Source Code


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Verizon is a global technology company delivering wireless, fiber optic and mobile video services. With over 150 locations, Verizon is a global leader delivering innovative communications and technology solutions that improve the way our customers live, work, learn and play.

Founded in 2000, the company operates America’s most reliable wireless network and the nation’s premier all-fiber network and delivers integrated solutions to businesses worldwide. With brands like Yahoo, TechCrunch, and HuffPost, the company’s media group helps consumers stay informed and entertained, communicate and transact, while creating new ways for advertisers and partners to connect.


  • Supports notifications about updates to your account or confirmations of payments or changes that are sent to you by text message
  • Allows receiving Usage Alerts that notify you of your minutes, text or data usage.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the plugin archive.
  2. Go to admin area > configuration > local plugins.
  3. Upload the plugin archive using the "Upload plugin or theme" plugin.
  4. Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin. And click on the "Install" button to install the plugin.

Please find more informartion about how to install plugins here.

Source code:

The plugin is provided absolutely for free and includes source code. Find the project Github repository here.
You can also find the project Github repository here for previous versions.

Note: This plugin was originally developed by nopCommerce team. And now it's upgraded and maintained by nopStation.

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