Theme Success Story | NOPROOT & E-SHOPPERS

Sucess story of noStation's E-Shopper & Nop Root Themes

NopRoot & E-shoppers are two free open source theme designed by Brainstation-23 using TwitterBootstrap for the NopCommerce community, and they will be open source for all future releases. Currently, these two themes are the most downloaded items in the nopCommerce community, that you can get out of the download numbers. Also is the indicator of these two free items.

NopRoot - (18082 Downloads)

EShopper - (22466 Downloads)

These two themes all these versions of nopCommerce- nopCommerce 3.30 , nopCommerce 3.40 , nopCommerce 3.50 , nopCommerce 3.60 and nopCommerce 3.70. Also, these two themes are highest downloaded items in nopCommerce Community.

Even before nopStation happened, few of our developers were so interested in the nopCommerce platform that they started working with their passion for developing. As nopCommerce is an open source software for eCommerce, therefore the developers find the platform very exciting as there are many scopes for improvements. In that time TwitterBootstrap had become very popular as a CSS framework, but nopCommerce had no theme based on it. Our developers saw an opportunity here and started to build the nopRoot as open source nopCommerce theme using TwitterBootstrap in their free time. Just after the first month, nopRoot got 1k download and which lead the team Brain Station to release Eshopper, another free theme for the community shortly after nopRoot.

nopStation's Nop Root theme

Initially, there was no business expectation out of the developed items, and the themes were created to help people out. But eventually, it turned out that the items are getting good responses & was drawing more people towards us who needed help with the platform. The developers who built the theme were also the active participants in nopCommerce forum. Therefore, people demanded custom solutions if we can provide them with that.

nopStation's E-Shopper theme

Even before nopStation, we were working on an eCommerce project with one of our US clients. Then after nopRoot & Eshopper we get our Turkish Client and get our horizon widened up with eCommerce service providing.

We worked on customization for our very first client, and that lead to our other customers who were looking for customization as well. One & a half year back, we started working on our mobile app development & within a year of work we were up with our mobile app for eCommerce stores in both iOS & Android Platform.

We started with free themes which lead to our today's’ nopStation. nopStation started its journey in 2011 and till today growing under Brain Station -23 as a sister concern. The team now got almost 15 people along with the certified developers, manager & marketing people. Hopefully, within 2017, we’ll be able to establish us like a million dollar making company.


Let me run you through the following details of our themes-



Suitable for

Computer, dress, shoe as well as for any other kind of store

Supported versions

nopCommerce 3.30, nopCommerce 3.40, nopCommerce 3.50,nopCommerce 3.60

Supported browsers

This theme is created using Twitter Bootstrap. It will support all the browsers which are backed by Twitter Bootstrap.


What is included and not included?

Responsive design

Responsive web design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).
Responsive design is supported only in nopCommerce 3.10 (and above)

We used Twitter Bootstrap to create this theme but not give any extra effort to make it responsive. Anyone can make it responsive using Twitter Bootstrap quickly. We have the plan to make it responsive in the next release. In the same time, if someone from NopCommerce community can release a responsive theme using our theme that would be great for the community.


We have the plan to improve it and release newer version time to time. Once again we want to say that it is our open source contribution for the NopCommerce community and it will open origin in every future release.

PSD designs and Source Code

The theme can be further customized according to your requirements as all original files are included.

We designed this theme without any PSD. We tried to use Bootstrap default layout, and in some cases, we took snippets from Bootsnipp.

Developed using best nopCommerce practices

We tried our best to use best nopCommerce practices. If we failed in some cases, feel free to suggest us. We will follow your suggestion and apply those in the next release. Once again we want to say that you can change this theme as you like because it is open source and it will be open source.

Fully localizable

We have worked only design area. So it is localizable like other NopCommerce Themes.

Dropdown CSS menu, sliders, etc
Please note that distinct versions could have slightly modified UI elements.
We used default bootstrap dropdown and default NopCommerce sliders in our theme.

Sample data included

We have used default sample data from NopCommerce for this theme

Theme Color Scheme

We have added three color scheme red, blue and green for this theme to match with your branding best.

RTL (Right-To-Left) support

Special thanks to Hezy Ziv for implementing RTL support in our theme. 

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Nice themes,
Thanks a lot for providing those themes as free.
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