ShipStation Plugin: Turning Your Online Business More Convenient for Your Customers and Store Manager

nopStation's shipstation plugin for shipping and delivery on nopCommerce

After receiving huge responses for our responsive designs, unique plug-ins and native nopCommerce apps, nopStation presents another beautiful plugin which makes shipment for the ecommerce stores more easy through online.

ShipStation is a multi-carrier, multi-channel shipping solution which is designed to facilitate the shipping and fulfillment process for online retailers. Powering thousands of online stores and processing millions of shipping orders per month, ShipStation is able to save merchants time and money by maximizing their shipping efficiencies. To accomplish this, ShipStation automatically retrieves and consolidates necessary information from sales channels, applies a preconfigured set shipping preferences to each order based on what store owners have specified, automatically updates each store with shipping status by tracking information of delivered products, return portals etc. It also manages multiple warehouses/locations by maintaining security issues as the endpoint of this plugin is auto-generated. Besides, store owners can also Customize their email confirmations.

So, focusing only on business couldn't be more easy than before! NopStation.ShipStation takes all your responsibilities of shipment and help you to gain loyal customers. You just have to install the plugin and rest of the work will be done  with ShipStation plugin.

Supported Versions

ShipStation will work with custom store of the ShipStation. The supported version of the plugin is nopcommerce 3.9 and 3.7 also 4.0 will be on the list shortly.

Features you’ll get through ShipStation

ShipStation is expertly blended with both common and more advanced features of shipping plugins and customized user interface which made it an unique one in the market. The features are-

-The plugin will update the order status of any product “delivered” when the carrier delivers that product to its customer. There are some schedule tasks like- knock to the carrier (FedEx, USPS, and UPS) side, update the order status delivered when the carrier makes it delivered etc.

-The endpoint of the shipstation is auto-generated. So store owners can feel relax about any         security issues.

-The store owner can check the order status of the plugin.

-The store owner can change the carrier key API key from the configuration page of the plugin for USPS and UPS. No credentials needed for FedEx.

-When store owner updates the store from the ShipStation, 500 orders will be appearing at ShipStation at a time. We keep the amount of the order fixed to 500  because of some performance issue but it can be increased on store owners request.

-Admin can enable or disable by clicking “Include Customer Order Notes” from the configuration page to keep the customer order note in the shipstation log.

-Admin can enable or disable by clicking “Send Shipping Email” from the configuration page.

-Admin can enable or disable by clicking “Order Requests To Log” from the configuration page.

-Admin can enable or disable by clicking “Order XML To Log” from the configuration page.

-Admin can enable or disable by clicking “Shipping Notification XML To Log” from the configuration page.

-Admin can enable or disable by clicking “Include Paypal Info In Notes” from the configuration page

nopStation always ensures to give their customers all the best nopCommerce based services under one hood and this new plugin confirms a hassel free shipping system for the online store owners.

You can download the plugin from here:

Feel free to ping us anytime for the installation manual guide. Our experienced developers will help you for further customization if needed.

Visit our website to know more about our services.

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