The QuickStream Payment Plugin by nopStation lets you connect your nopCommerce powered store with Quick Stream Payment Gateway. QuickStream supports a comprehensive suite of capabilities to make it easy to take and manage payments 24/7. QuickStream REST API is a powerful tool to interact with QuickStream capabilities like— seamless iframe payment form integration, without any redirection, securely take card and bank account payments, tokenising card details for secure future use, refund method etc. Plugin Type: nopCommerce Plugin, Plugin Category: Payment Integration Plugin, Support Coverage Countries/Region: Australia & New Zealand, Supported nopCommerce Version: 4.40 & 4.50; Available Purchase option: Without Source Code & With Source Code; Available License Type: Single URL, Multiple URL
QuickStream Payment


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Quickstream the comprehensive platform to receive and manage payments. Developed and powered by Qvalent, Westpac's wholly owned and trusted technology partner. If you want to integrate Quickstream in your nopCommerce store, this is the plugin you need.

Features (Plugin) :

  • Seamless iframe payment form integration (no redirects)
  • Securely take card and bank account payments
  • Tokenise card details for secure future use
  • Supports Refund method
  • Multi-store supported
  • Easy to install and configure
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