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nopStation's QuickStream payment plugin lets you easily connect your nopCommerce-powered online stores with QuickStream’s payment gateway. QuickStream is a popular payment plugin with extensive capabilities and 24/7 payment management. This payment plugin for nopCommerce lets you easily enable QuickStream capabilities like iframe payment form integration, secure payments, and card tokenizing and refund support on your nopCommerce storefront.
QuickStream is a popular payment platform based in Europe, developed and powered by Qvalent, Westpac's wholly owned and trusted technology partner. It is a comprehensive platform for receiving and managing payments for European customers and merchants.
QuickStream payment integration plugin for nopCommerce
Suppose you want to integrate QuickStream payment support on your nopCommerce-based business easily. In that case, nopStation is here with its QuickStream Payment plugin. This payment plugin for nopCommerce features through QuickStream, such as iframe payment form integration for seamless payments and no redirects. This plugin has additional features such as card security and bank account payments. Store owners can easily extend payment support for customers and merchants based in Europe and increase their accessibility in those markets.


  • Seamless iframe payment form integration with no redirects
  • Securely take card and bank account payments
  • Tokenise card details for secure future use
  • Refund support
  • Multi-store support
  • Easy installation and configuration
Easily add QuickStream to your nopCommerce payment methods with nopStation's QuickStream Payment plugin for nopCommerce. Please have a look at one of nopStation’s other class leading payment plugins for Europe, mPay24 Payment plugin as well.