Validate your nopCommerce website's customer address using EasyPost API.
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nopStation EasyPost Address Validator Plugin - 4.40


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EasyPost Address Validator Plugin - 4.40 Source Code


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NopStaion Easypost address validator plugin validates customer address using easypost API. The plugin will help you to decrease the number of delivery delays due to an incorrect address entry.

Features :

  • Address validation using EasyPost API
  • Address validation based on countries
  • Enforce address validation
  • Multi-Store supported
  • Easy to install and configure


  • Download plugin zip file.
  • Go to admin area > configuration > local plugins.
  • Upload the NopStation.EasyPostAddressValidator zip file using the "Upload plugin or theme" button.
  • Install 'NopStation Core' first and then 'Nop-Station EasyPost Address Validator' Plugin.
  • Activate the plugin with 'Edit' option.
  • Signup at and get your API keys.
  • Set API key from configuration page and save.