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nopCommerce Seminar in Bangladesh 2016

nopCommerce Seminar in Bangladesh May, 2015

Being a dedicated nopCommerce solution provider in Bangladesh, nopStation keeps arranging small & medium seminars on nopCommerce platform & services. On 27th May 2015 nopStation organized a seminar of such. The seminar was a meetup for experienced & talented developers from the top IT & Software companies of Bangladesh, who are very interested in open source eCommerce platform. The panel addressed key issues involved in nopCommerce Platform and especially on eCommerce knowledge, skills, and perspectives to succeed in an increasingly global society. The seminar was conducted by Razib Mahmud, Co-Founder of nopStation who is also a certified developer of nopCommerce.

In the seminar, the panelist talked about the benefits of open source software and talked about the advantages of choosing nopCommerce as an eCommerce software platform. Which are-

1.The product is being constantly improved by thousands of developers all across the world. 2. A user can clearly see “what’s in the trunk” and can adapt the product according to his or her needs anytime.

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We all know, open source does not always mean free and there are many paid open source solutions and so-called “freemium” products. Which actually act as gateways to paid versions.Then some platforms come for free but have growing hidden fees like payment percentage, paid bandwidth, and cancellation fees. Above all, the chosen plans tend to grow when the number of orders or revenue of your web-store increases. Therefore people frequently get something unexpected in their bills at the end of the month.

But it’s a relief that, nopCommerce is both free and open source. The only fee they charge is for removing “powered by nopCommerce” notice from the footer section.

Now you can easily choose an open source platform by going through these particular points-

Stability: Is the CMS stable? Will it last for the longer terms? Support: Can I get the needed help? Cost: What’s it going to cost me? Flexibility: How flexible is the platform? Can I move it, change it, or tweak it? Security: Will my sensitive items be safe?



Since 2008 nopCommerce is growing and growing stronger in eCommerce platform competition. At this moment the platform is powering more than 27.000 sites all over the world and aims for more exposure. nopCommerce is developing steadily and got new version released with half a year. The system was initially developed in ASP.NET stack and since then they are closely following Microsoft trends. Yet the nopCommerce team is well-aware that new technologies must be compatible with all old components.


nopCommerce got two means of support, paid premium support in two languages, and free support from the product team and community from the forum. The premium support can be purchased separately and also includes in a Gold Solution partnership. As for the forum support, the forum is quite active with 1,700 new forum posts and 400 new topics per month. nopCommerce also runs its own developer certification program where people get a warranty of hiring qualified persons even for small projects. An annual conference called nopCommerce Days is also there since 2015, where partners and store owners from all over the world gathered in order to exchange new ideas and support each other. Now, the platform is far more than stable & rapidly developing and conquering new grounds.


An eCommerce platform must be secure both from external attacks as well as guaranteed internal confidentiality, i.e. it must not store or collect shop-owners’ data or any confidential items. Concerning the first point, nopCommerce has a free security patch for the community in case of any threat. Concerning the second point, nopCommerce, being a hosted solution, technically does not keep access to platform’s merchants’ sensitive data like revenue and personal information.


nopCommerce is a very flexible and out of the box solution. It suits small businesses, yet store owners are privileged to have an access to the whole functionality close to enterprise shopping cart for free. Which means they can manage the advanced catalog with no limits on a number of products and their attributes, apply different inventory methods, use a great variety of promotional tools like cross-marketing and tier prices, adjust local tax settings and much more. To get upgrade to an advanced functionality and a simplified mode, it only requires to flick the “basic” and “advanced” switch. So even if you are just a beginner in eCommerce or already managing a million-a-day visitors store, you can adapt all nopCommerce features according to your store needs.


nopCommerce is free itself, but the price of running a store is also comprised of platform implementation prices and the price of plugins and themes you want to use. Nevertheless, if one checks nopCommerce marketplace and compares the prices with those of other popular eCommerce platforms, s/he would notice that nopCommerce can boast of generally lower prices on plugins and same prices for graphic themes.

And along with these points if an ecommerce platform stands still then you can choose the platform without any hesitation and nopCommerce serves in all these criteria that requires to be the best platform for eCommerce. So without any doubt the platform is one of the best for any eCommerce business. 



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