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nopCommerce business is spreading its wings in the e-commerce market which gave birth to various e-commerce services. Nowadays nopCommerce is in trend at it’s best .NET based e-commerce development platform delivering easy to use shopping cart along with all the flexibility and control. As one of the best nopCommerce development company (having team of  MVPs and certified developers on board) nopStation  has created a strong position in the community. nopStation has been working on nopCommerce platform since 2010, thus the company has achieved  a deeper understanding on all the ins and outs of this technology which enables our developers to utilize this platform to its best expanse. This platform has the most exclusive features powered with ASP.NET with MS SQL backend database to equip a great e-commerce site that can streamline all your functionalities and double the performance of your ecommerce website.

nopStation started its journey officially in 2011 as one of the best nopCommerce development service provider. Initially we released two beautiful free themes for the community. Which still has the highest downloaded themes honor on the head. For the community the group has also brought many free plugins. The team now got bigger and better with times. Along with the certified MVP developers, executive & marketing people we are now serving the ecommerce community with the best nopCommerce development and maintenance services. From the very start, we the nopStation team, was determined to built the best native app for the community and we managed to bring the best app for the community shortly. As a team we are determined to provide our customers all the best possible services for nopCommerce and thus maintaining to keep all the services under one roof. 

nopStation- All services under the hood

Even before nopStation was born, few of our talented developers were remarkably interested in the nopCommerce platform that they started working with their passion for developing nopCommerce products such as themes, plugins and native apps. As nopCommerce is an open source software for e-commerce, therefore the developers find the platform very stimulating as there were many scopes for progression. By the time , Twitter Bootstrap  become very popular as a CSS framework, but nopCommerce had no theme based on it. Our developers found an opportunity on working here and started to build the nopRoot as open source nopCommerce theme using Twitter Bootstrap in their free time. Just after the first month, nopRoot got more than 1k download and which advance the team to release Eshopper, another free theme for the community shortly after nopRoot.

Initially, there was no business expectation out of the developed items, and the themes were created to help people out. But eventually, it turned out that the items are getting good responses & was drawing more people towards us who needed help with the platform. Our developers who built the theme were also the active participants in nopCommerce forum receiving the best MVP award by the nopCommerce community. Therefore, people started demanding custom solutions if we could provide them with that. Thus nopStation, the nopCommerce development company was born. We started with free themes  leading towards a complete product of our very own  nopStation. Following our other products, we started working on nopCommerce mobile app development & within a year of work we were up with our mobile app for ecommerce stores in both iOS & Android Platform.

Our clients all over the world:

We started working on an ecommerce project with one of our US clients even before nopStation was born. Then after nopRoot & Eshopper, we got our Turkish Client which widened up our service as an ecommerce service providing company. Now our clients are spread  throughout Netherland, Germany, middle east  and USA  Apparently, we hailed to be  the best nopCommerce service providing company in Bangladesh as well as a favourite name among the global nopCommerce community.

With time and experience in excellence, our service got recognized globally as our CEO Mr. Raisul Kabir has actively participated for the nopCommerce days in Amsterdam during   last October 2016. He was  invited as one of the speakers to share our nopCommerce journey at the conference.   Hence, we grew to be the best service standard provider of nopCommerce inside and outside the country.


nopStation provides the best nopCommerce for store owners to any ecommerce business dwellers. For nopStation, customers are the number 1 priority.  Additionally, our Themes, Plugins & Apps are not only agile but also provide store owners the complete control over their stores. Online shopping is easier for the ecommerce customers with our apps which drive more customers in the stores.

What we offer:

As one of the best nopCommerce development and service providing company, we have come up with customized services that our clients could ask for. Here are our services listed below.

1. Free Themes

For Theme Design Development on nopCommerce, you need to make it responsive in the first place. Along with our free theme- nopRoot and Eshopper, you can hire our experts from nopStation to get your customized theme for your nopCommerce website. Our experts always focus onto the of making of responsive and all device compatible themes designing.

2. Free Plugins

Our free plugins are for nopCommerce store owners. Anyone who is using nopCommerce can get our mega menu plugin free for their website. This plugin is a piece of software that acts as an add-on to a nopCommerce store and gives the store additional functionalities. It allows a nopCommerce store to display additional content which is not originally designed to display. We do also build custom NopCommerce plugins for our clients as per their requirement that will enhance their store functionality.

3. Native mobile apps (iOS, Android Platform)

As we are living in a mobile-only age, a mobile app for your online store becomes a necessity. nopStation offers clear and up-to-date responsive mobile app which is usable on any device for any online store powered by nopCommerce. With all the latest features including smart shopping cart, easy payment gateway, and customizable push notification, our nopStation mobile app provides you all the facilities at a very reasonable price. With source code, the purchase value is $3,000 and without source code is $1,200. For the details of  the package, just have a quick surf tho.

4. nopCommerce installation

Our dedicated nopCommerce development team help you to install nopCommerce tool into your website. Not only the installation process but also take care of the maintenance of your e-commerce website on a reasonable monthly charge.

5. Payment/Gateway Extensions Development

We can integrate your store with your preferred gateway payment method. Easy checkout and gateway extensions make your website more user-friendly and lead to more customer retention

6. Store migration from another shopping cart to nopCommerce

We are here to help you convert your existing ecommerce or non-ecommerce site to a fully functional nopCommerce store. We also convert Classic nopCommerce to advanced nopCommerce with all functionality or modifications according to our client's requirement.

7.  Migration from any version to the newest version

Are you in need of nopcommerce Version Upgrade services?

We have vast experience in upgrading NopCommerce from an earlier version to the latest one. All themes are upgraded according to latest released versions which include database, theme, plugin or other integrations upgrades.

Our Key nopcommerce Version Upgrade Services are:

  • nopCommerce code and modules review.
  • Upgrade of nopCommerce core to the latest version.
  • Transfer of nopCommerce design theme.
  • Upgrade of nopCommerce database.
  • Upgrade and configuration of all installed extensions

8. Customization:

We also provide customization for our customers according to their needs whether it's about theme design, websites feature addition or mobile app customization.

9. Other Services:

nopStation has other services like cloud hosting, custom shipping and tax rules implementation and customized report implementation for MIS which give customers the best e-commerce experience.

Our Uniqueness:

We stood up amongst the global industry as a success through based in a developing country like Bangladesh, and it is our greatest achievement to get notified throughout  the world. Our  talented developers always maintain the quality of the service. Plus customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have built the top ranked e-commerce sites of our country including Othoba, Priyoshop, Amikinee etc. which are now ranked in the t 10 e-commerce site list in the Alexa. So our local clients also refer us as one of the best e-commerce service providing company. We are looking forward to deliver the finest products and services from our end and to hold the honor of being the best in global nopCommerce industry

Future Ruminations

e-commerce industry faces the fastest change in trends and technology and everyone strives to be more competitive in the long run, fresh ways of doing e-commerce will arise. Therefore to catch up, marketers will put their heart and soul into refining and fine-tuning existing methods. So, here we are at the crossroads, standing for new challenges which will emerge, and working for bigger success stories putting the user satisfaction in the first place.

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