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Before sharing nopStation’s experience on ‘nopCommerce Days’. First, let me tell you what is ‘nopCommerce Days’. Well, ‘nopCommerce Days’ is actually the annual meeting of nopCommerce community. Every year it takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands in October.

And those who doesn’t know what nopCommerce is. For them to know, nopCommerce is an open source ecommerce software. It contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. It is a customizable shopping cart. Which gives high usability as well as stability.

nopCommerce founder's speech

nopCommerce Founder, Andrei Mazulnitsyn's Speech

nopCommerce was founded in 2008. Since then, it has been growing as the leading ASP.NET (later developed strong PHP-based solutions as well) ecommerce solution. This year it has powered 25,000 live sites all over the world. Moreover, it has been able to provide most flexibility, richest features & most logical structures till now. 


The mission of ‘nopCommerce Days’ is to strengthen the nop community. Also to connect developers, store-owners, agencies, users and partners into nop ecosystem.

This year also, the annual meeting took place in Amsterdam on 20th and 21st of October. And the event this year was even bigger & better than last year. They also invited more people across the world to take part in the meet up. While last year, the meet took place with developers only.  And they got 65 delegates across 14 countries. But this year, the organizers took a step ahead & managed to gather all the big elephants working with nopCommerce. This year nopCommerce days got covered more topics regarding the industry & the developments.

The conference was divided into three segments. First segment covered the development part of nopCommerce. There they featured the most experienced developers of nopCommerce. Second segment covered the store owners. There they introduced the industry experts. Who shared their ecommerce marketing experience with the conference attendees! This first two segments were held simultaneously. After the two segment, in the final segment there was panel discussion. And to attend the panel discussion many IT hulks were present at the conference.

To present nopStation our CEO Mr. Raisul Kabir went for the conference. He was also invited as a speaker at the conference. There he got chance to talk about Biponee. To know more about Biponee, visit.

At about 3pm on October 20, Raisul Kabir got the floor for his speech. Right after Milen Kovachev’s (nop-template’s founder) speech. In his 40 minutes time, he tried to cover the story for Biponee’s (ecommerce startup) journey along with the story of founding nopStation. The end of Biponee led to nopStation’s starting back in 2010. And since then nopStation has been working on nopCommerce.

Brainstation 23 CEO sharing nopStation's nopCommerce story

nopStation CEO, Raisul Kabir Sharing Story of Biponee (Ecommerce Startup) 

With the passage of years, nopStation has been able to get attached with more global clients. Eventually has launched our very own Android & iOS native Apps, themes and plugins. The very first client that nopStation had was from USA. And they needed help on customization. Then after customizing according to client’s requirements, more customization demand from other clients were coming. And in this way, nopStation has become the one & only company who offers customization for nopCommerce store owners.

Mr. Kabir shared his experience of the event like this-

"It was a great pleasure to meet the man who brought nopCommerce into life (about Andrei Mazulnitsyn). Also his whole team was a breath of fresh air. It was a pleasure to meet nopTemplate founders MILEN KOVACHEV & BOYKO BONEV personally. Such young & talented fellows. I was really happy when I find out nopStation is quiet known among the nopCommerce community. And thus the welcome was an warm one that sure I didn’t expected before I went for the event.

Brainstation 23 CEO with the nopCommerce founder

nopCommerce Founder, Andrei Mazulnitsyn & nopStation CEO, Raisul Kabir

 Brainstation 23 CEO with  Boyko Team

Raisul Kabir With One Of The Founders of nopTemplates Boyko Bonev(2nd to right) 

Our reason to attend the event was-

  1.       To get to meet the right people in the industry
  2.       To evaluate ourselves with the existing market for competitive analysis &
  3.       Find out the updates & trends

And after attending the conference & meeting people in the event, I can gladly say our journey was successful so far. And we got what we needed."


So, we can say, nopCommerce Day was an amazing experience for nopStation so far. We learned a lot from the event. Also it was wonderful to know that, nopCommerce market has the potential to grow even bigger in near future. So our fingers are crossed. Hopefully, wherever nopCommerce goes, we will be walking by their side along the journey.


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