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This plugin allows store owners to send notification to customers using Messente SMS service.
Email is the default method to send order notifications in the nopCommerce powered stores. If you’ve ever wondered you want to notify your customers by sending SMS against different order events right from your nopCommerce store, the Messente SMS plugin is one of the best SMS solutions out in the market. This Plugin sends SMS by the using Messente API
Messente is part of the Mobi Solutions Group, and their core team has been working with enterprise-level global messaging solutions since 2001. The company has built a full suite of free high-performance tools and API's, helping you to make the best use of the selected platforms. By integrating the Messente SMS Plugin in your nopCommerce Store, you can provide a better user experience to your customers at a low cost and build stronger customer loyalty while increasing your sales as well.


  • Allows to send SMS notifications to customers and administrator
  • Send SMS using template and option for enabling or disabling the templates.
  • Customize SMS template for customer Vendors and administrators
  • Customize SMS template for customer Vendors and administrators
  • SMS log can be enabled to check the Messente response.
  • Sent SMS can be checked with status and message

Notifications Supported by this Plugin:

  • Order Placed Customer Notification
  • Order Placed Admin Notification
  • Order Paid Customer Notification
  • Order Placed Vendor Notification
  • Order Paid Admin Notification
  • Order Paid Vendor Notification
  • Order Refunded Customer Notification
  • Order Refunded Admin Notification
  • Your order is completed
  • Your order is cancelled
  • Shipment Delivered Customer Notification
  • Shipment Sent Customer Notification
  • Email validation
  • Welcome Message
  • New Post Notification
  • New Topic Notification
  • New customer registration Notification
  • Private message Customer Notification
  • Live Announcements
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