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Bitly URL Shortener plugin uses the functionality of Bitly API to generate bitly short links from your nopCommerce admin panel.
Bitly a is a popular URL shortening service. A common practice for online stores or businesses is to link their products or announcements on their site at the end of any marketing or social media post. However, some website link URLs might sometimes be too long or have SEO-optimized names which may affect their presentation.
If you want to enable URL shortening functionality for links on your online store, then nopStation is here with its Bitly URL Shortener plugin for nopCommerce. This utility plugin for nopCommerce enables store owners to shorten links for their web pages for easier sharing. This plugin lets store owners shorten links for pages in Blog posts, Categories, Products, News Items, Product tags, Manufacturers, Store locations, Topics, and Vendors. By using this plugin, you can easily shorten links for sharing across social media or additional channels quite easily.


  • Shorten URLs using Bitly services
  • Generate selected short URLs in bulk from the Admin panel
  • Generate all URLs in a single click
  • Can be enabled or disabled from configuration
  • Quick installation and configuration
Add Bitly URL shortening services for your online store by using nopStation's URL Shortener Plugin for nopCommerce. Check out nopStation’s ultimate collection of nopCommerce plugins as well for any of your other business needs.

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