PWA Lite Documentation

A typical manifest file includes information about the app name, icons the app should use, the url it should start at when the app is launched, and more.



 In the section, you can configure your plugin.

      1. Picture: From here you can choose a picture from your computer and upload it. Its aspect ratio should be 1:1 (square). The supported format is PNG. For a better view, use a transparent background image.

      2. Name: From here you can give meaningful progressive web app name.

      3. Short name: This is for short name of your progressive web app.

      4. Start Url: From here you can put app start URL. The Start URL will launch when your app starts.

      5. Application Scope: It defines the set of URLs that the browser consider to be within your app, and it's used to decide when the app when the user has left the app.

      6. Background color: This property is used on the splash screen when the application is first launched.

      7. Theme color: It sets the color of the toolbar and may be reflected in the app’s preview in task switchers.

      8. Display: This is display property from the dropdown list. This property helps to customize what browser UI is shown when your app is launched. For example, you can hide the address bar and browser chrome. Or games may want to go completely full screen.