NopCommerce Mobile App with Customization Service For V1

NopCommerce Mobile App with Customization Service For V1


Short description NopCommerce Mobile App with Source Code and up to 140 hours of Customization Service For V1.

This is an application for a public store of nopCommerce. By using our ready to use solution anyone can make his iOS and Android native application ready for nopCommerce Store.
We use secure authentication. So customer data cannot be stolen.

Supported VersionsnopCommerce 3.8 to 4.10

You will receive total 140 hours of customization service with this package.

You can integrate both apps by simply installing the nopCommerce api plugin (provided by us). You can make this app ready-to-go by doing the branding of your store in just a few minutes. In this package you will have (iOS 11 to latest), Android (usable from any Lollipop version phone to any latest phone) app and the NopCommerce API plugin with source codes.

nopStation Android Source Code Documentation

nopStation iOS Source Code Documentation

Our apps are available at Google PlayStore (Android) and Apple AppStore (iOS).

Here is the required resources when you publish your customized app to Google PlayStore/Apple AppStore:

Android Resource

iOS Resource

Here is some documents which gives you complete understanding if you want to customize the source code:

Our API documentation

NST Documentation (For additional secure communication between apps and API)

Language Setup Documentation (As we support multiple languages and different localizations, you can add and setup any language using this documentation)




  1. Navigation Bar: Search Button, Cart Button with currently added products on Shopping cart and Dropdown for other functions.
  2. Dropdown provides the following links: Login/Logout, My Account, My Orders, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Barcode Scanner, Settings etc.


  1. Banners/Carousel for most recents promotions.
  2. Different preview sections for featured categories, products and manufacturers.
  3. Hamburger menu for quick access into all categories and subcategories with left slider.

Category page

  1. Option to visit subcategories if available.
  2. Sort products by alphabetically, low to high price or vice versa, release date etc.
  3. Filter products with price range, brands, color, size etc.

Search products

  1. Responsive search field.
  2. Multi paging on scroll.

Product page

  1. Add to cart and add to wishlist buttons
  2. Carousel/Slider for available images of the product
  3. Product name, price, availability and descriptions.
  4. Option to customize product quantity
  5. Dynamic attribute pickers like dropdown, checkmark and radio button to choose color, size or any other specifications.
  6. Horizontal list of related products.
  7. Supports both single and group products.

Shopping Cart

  1. List View of products in the cart.
  2. Delete individual items.
  3. Update individual items (quantity, specifications or anything)
  4. Apply coupon codes if available
  5. Enter gift card if available.
  6. Formal Invoice Description: Sub-totals, shipping cost, discount and total amount.
  7. Proceed to checkout button

Checkout page

  1. Same checkout processes are same as default nopCommerce: Billing Address, Shipping Address, Shipping Method Selection, Payment Method Selection, Summary & Checkout Confirmation.
  2. Guest checkout available

Authentication page

  1. Traditional login with user credential
  2. Password recovery option
  3. Registration
  4. Allows social media login: Facebook Login, Google SignIn etc.

My account page

  1. Update user informations
  2. Update password

My orders

  1. Quick view of order list
  2. Order details with all checkout information on single click

Wishlist page

  1. Add to wishlist, Update, Delete etc
  2. Add products to cart from wishlist


  1. Allows multiple language
  2. Allows multiple currency

Integrate with your store :

  • Install Our Install MobileWebApi Plugin which is included in the zip according to your nopcommerce store version.
  • From App Go to Settings (Testyour api) option.
  • Set your site and test it with your website.

Mobile Application publishing:

  • Create and prepare apple and android developer account.
  • Create signed binary file from source code (.ipa for iOS and .apk for Android ) and upload to individual online stores accordingly.
  • Mobile applications will be published when the app store or play store authority has completed their review process .
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