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Native Api Nop-4.1 Source-Code


Short description By installing plugin, you can expose service for our native app of your website.


Using this plugin any store owner can check our native mobile app with their live store products. This plugin is also powered by the following features :

  • Implements Web Services API as per REST Standards for all client side services / methods for nopCommerce which you can use to Pull and Push data from any external application build on any other language or platform
  • JSON Response
  • One of the complete set of API for our native mobile(ios and android app)
  • Secured using JWT (JSON Web Token)
  • Supports API calls on Secured Connection (HTTPS) or Unsecured Connection (HTTP) between server & client
  • Supported by professional team
  • Actively developed (faster bug fixes, faster updates – more reliable plugin with each release)
  • Easy to install, use & configure
  • Can be installed without any down time
  • Also available with Source Code at additional price

Installation Process:


  • Download Extension and extract file.
  • Copy 'BS.Plugin.NopStation.MobileWebApi' folder and paste to 'nopcommerce solution directory/Plugins/' folder.
  •  Add the csproj file for the project to solution's "Plugins" folder.
  • Build the project.
  • Run the solution.
  • Reload the 'list of plugins' in Admin panel and Install 'MobileWebApi' Plugin


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