Mega-Menu Documentation

A website's menu functions similarly to a map. Its goal is to assist website users so that they don't get lost amid the hundreds of pages on the site. With the Mega Menu Plugin for nopCommerce, you can create your own bespoke mega menu. It's simple, quick, and adaptable. As a result, the menu navigation highlights. For effective and simple navigation, the Mega Menu Plugin adds a strong and versatile dropdown mega menu to your nopCommerce website.

Integrating the Mega Menu Plugin in your store would be the best way to enable a smooth view of products and navigation for your customers.


  • Add a dropdown menu item containing topic content to the menu
  • You can choose which menu items to include in your custom menu
  • Show category images in Mega Menu. Please note that Second level category images will be shown in Mega Menu
  • Show Featured Products in Mega Menu. Please note that First level category products will be shown in Mega Menu
  • Show categories, manufacturers and vendors in a single dropdown mega menu item
  • Set the maximum number of categories to be shown in a category menu item
  • If you have a multi-store nopCommerce installation, you can limit a menu per store.
  • Responsive design
  • Fully localizable
  • Easy to set up


  • The plugin requires you to install the Nop-Staion Core plugin first.


  • Download the Mega Menu Plugin from our store
  • Upload the NopStation.MegaMenu zip file using the "Upload plugin or theme" button
  • Go to Administration, reload the 'list of plugins'. Install 'Nop-Station Core' Plugin first and then install 'Nop-Station Mega Menu'
  • To make the plugins functional, restart the application
  • Enable the plugin with 'Edit' option and Configure it


  • Go to Admin ≫ Nop Station ≫ Plugins ≫ Mega Menu ≫ Configuration
  • Enable mega menu: Check to enable mega menu and restart after that to apply the changes
  • Max category level: Maximum category level to be displayed on the top menu
  • Show number of category products: Check to show number of categories on the top menu. Determines whether the number of products to be shown on the top menu or not
  • Include sub-category products: Check to show category product number including sub categories
  • Selected categories: Include the categories to be shown on the top menu
  • Hide manufacturers: Check to hide manufacturers from the top menu
  • Selected manufacturers: Include the manufacturers to be shown on the top menu
  • Show manufacturer picture: Check to show manufacturer pictures on the top menu
  • Enable left-panel image: Check to enable left panel image