Language Setup Documentation

Admin Panel Setting 

  1. First go to Admin Panel

  2. Then click on configuration from left menu

  3. Then click on Languages 

  4. After that click on Add new from top right position 

  5. Now you can add language according your requirements 

               i) First give your language Name

              ii) Then select  your Language Culture from the list

             iii) After that  give Unique SEO code for your     language. Example : for English it should be like “En”.

             iv) Then select Flag image file name from the list

              v) After that checked the Right-to-left box if your language use right to left scripts.

             vi) Then select Default currency

            vii) After that select Limited to stores from stores list. It will limit the language access in the stores.

           viii) Then checked Published  box if you want to active your language in language list.

             ix) After that select Display order. It actually maintains the order of languages in the list.

 6. After completing this process you have to add string resources for each language. First download the resource file for specific language from             here. Then goto String resources and click on import resources to import the language pack.

 7. Last but not least  in order to integrate with IOS and Android  App you have to add English as first language,Arabic as third language and                 German as fourth language in the list.


Have a look at the photos for better understanding



iOS Settings in Source Code

  1. If you open the source code of iOS_NopStation by Xcode-9.2 or above then you will find a folder named “Resources”.
    There are four files here. A screen shot is given below:



2. If you want to change the existing text in .strings file then simply open it up and replaces the existing value with new value. For example: if you want to replaces an english word with existing german value then you go to German.strings file. And replace the existing german word.

3. Now the very big issue is that if  you change  the Current Language Id  of Arabic from 3 to any other then you have to change also in iOS Source Code.

Currently the default Current Language Id of Arabic is 3. 


  • Besides If you want to change from source code then  open the source code of iOS_NopStation by Xcode-9.2 or above. 

  • You will find a folder named “APIManager”. 

  • Then open the APIManager.swift file and press “cmd + f” and you will get a search bar. 

  • There you just type “loadAllCategories”. You will find a method named “loadAllCategories”. 

  • You just simply scroll a little bit. 

  • You will find a if-else block. 

  • Then replace your  the CurrentLanguageId  of Arabic with existing 3.




Android Settings in Source Code

If you open the source code of Android_NopStation by Android Studio, then you will find a folder named “values”. Inside here there are language string files for each language. In this screenshot, first two files are default (English). Suppose you want to change a resource string in Arabic, you will change value In strings.xml (ar) or strings.xml (ar, nopstation) file like this :

<string name =”addresses”> Put your language string here </string>



If  you change  the current Language Id  of any language  then you have to change also in Android Source Code. Just open CategoryNewFragment.kt (Kotlin) or (Java) file and change current Language Id according to language value on if-else block. (line 71- 76 in screenshot)