Android application required documents for publication

Android application required documents for publication

1.Application Color  Change

2.Application Logo change

3.Application Icon

4.Application Splash Screen

5.baseURL            = "/api"

6.defaultBaseUrl     = "/api"

7.Application Package Name (For example: com.CompanyName.AppName)

8.App Title

9.Phone Number

10.Email Address

11.Google PlayStore account access / credentials

12.Facebook developer access for Facebook Login

13..Before "Submit For Review" in Google PlayStore, I need some  Information about this app. These are: 


1. App Previews and Screenshots

2. App Release Channel Name (Production, Open/ Close Beta, Internal Test Track)

3. Short Description

4. Full Description

5. Graphic Assets:

      i. Hi-res icon 

         512 x 512

         32-bit PNG (with alpha)

       ii. Feature Graphic 

         1024 w x 500 h

         JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)

6. Privacy Policy URL(This requirement is mandatory when you want to make your app public and have the app featured in the Playstore of Facebook or whenever your app requests information from users, i.e. the Sign-in with Facebook.)


Contact Email 

The person in your organization who should be contacted if the App Review team has any questions or needs additional information.



Your app price.